Calysto’s Top 10 IoT Marketing Tips for IoTDay

April 9, 2019, is the 10th annual IoTDay, a day to recognize and celebrate the power that IoT has to transform our businesses, our communities and our lives. As the IoT industry’s leading marketing communications agency, Calysto is proud to participate again this year by offering up 10 of our best marketing tips to help spread your IoT message.

10. Employ newsjacking – Newsjacking is a great strategy to get your IoT company noticed, if done correctly and as part of a larger PR plan. When an issue is making headlines, people want to know more and if you can provide valuable information and insight, it’s a good thing. Here are 8 ways to make IoT newsjacking work for your company.

9. Add Influencer Marketing to the mix – The key to influencer marketing is to build relationships so that your key audiences are on board with what you are trying to accomplish for your company and for the greater good of the industry. While critical for every industry, influencer relationships are particularly important in the “insider” IoT industry. Here are five ways you can use influencer marketing to benefit your company.

8. Build a social audience – Twitter offers vast potential for IoT companies to engage and encourage customers and prospects to pay attention to their brand and can act as a powerful social media channel, if done correctly. In this blog, we discuss four Twitter features that enhance IoT storytelling, as well as proven principles to keep in mind.

7. Offer high-value content – If you’re not providing a range of different types of valuable content to your website visitors, then you’re missing out on some great opportunities to convert visitors into leads. Content can help you drive SEO for potential customers who are searching for specific terms, provide new ways to drive leads for your sales team through downloads of high-value materials, and position members of your executive team as thought leaders. Here are five pieces of content you should add to your website immediately.

6. Publish case studies – Case studies are an excellent way to showcase your company’s products and solutions. This is particularly true for the many burgeoning IoT businesses out there. While there are some enterprises that understand what can be realized through the IoT, there are many who still don’t fully realize the far reach that IoT is already having across many industries. Here are five things case studies can do for your IoT company.

5. Make your content stand out – The good news is that if your business is part of the burgeoning IoT industry, it’s likely that your products and services are in-demand. The hard part is letting potential customers know exactly what you have to offer and the difference you can make in the success and growth of their businesses. Be creative and make your content count by tailoring it to your audience. Here are three ways to do just that.

4. Leverage both vertical and horizontal marketing – As a marketer, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is where to spend your budget to get the ROI you are looking for. Should you concentrate on vertical markets? And if so, which ones? Or should you spend your time on a horizontal marketing approach and touch the broader IoT industry? The answer is actually both. Here are six ways you can use horizontal and vertical marketing effectively, and in tandem, to market your IoT company.

3. Decide on a hook – In just a few short years, IoT has gone from a novel concept to a crowded market with more than 5,000 businesses calling themselves an IoT company. In the recent post, Is IoT Still a Hook?, we answer the questions, “Should you still call your business an IoT company or is the term now too generic to gain any traction?” The answer: yes and no. Here’s why.

2. Start with the message – Within the IoT industry, there are so many companies with similar-sounding products that even industry insiders get confused about “who does what.” That’s why messaging is critical to the success of your marketing efforts and thus your IoT company. Messaging is two-fold. Side one is your value proposition—your key attributes—and the proof points and successes that you’ve shown for each of those attributes. Side two is how you compare your company with the competition. Click here for six key questions to help shape your Core Messaging Document.

1. Face challenges head on – The biggest challenge for companies in the IoT space is its sheer scope and scale. The number of things connected to the network and to each other is growing at an unprecedented rate. The size of this market is tremendous and standing out takes real effort. We go into detail in our free ebook on IoT marketing and here are a few hints:

  • Know exactly who you are selling to and understand how you—and only you—are best suited to solve their pain points.
  • Make sure your Positioning and Messaging is on point for each of these customer segments.
  • Back up everything you say with proof points.
  • Know the influencers who can help you move the needle—or work with a PR firm that has deep relationships with these influencers.

The IoT is rife with opportunity but can be a road fraught with missteps if you don’t put in the sweat equity to overcome the many challenges that stand between your brand and marketplace success. We hope these 10 tips will help give your IoT company a leg up on the competition.

Happy IoTDay!

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