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Pay-to-Play? No Way

The editorial landscape in the IoT, cloud, mobile, wireless and telecom industry has changed dramatically over the last decade. Many publications couldn’t afford to keep a printed version afloat and were forced to move to an online-only model. Others embraced online-only from the beginning and made their mark through online events, webinars and special “councils.” […]

Omdia Q&A: Consolidation Brings Wider, Deeper Coverage

Earlier this year, Informa Tech announced it was consolidating its research arm—made up of Ovum, Heavy Reading, IHS Markit Technology and Tractica—under the Omdia brand. Since then, the Omdia team has been broadening its coverage through the formation of new coverage areas and filling key roles from both inside the company and out. We caught […]

5 Reasons Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

By now, most companies have established that content marketing can deliver results as part of an overall marketing strategy. But are those results what you expected or need to make your marketing numbers? There are some common reasons why your content marketing program might not be working as well as expected: You don’t have a […]

New Roles, Research Areas at Omdia, Changes at TMN, and more

New roles, research areas at Omdia: Omdia (@OmdiaHQ) has reorganized a few positions to reflect new research areas the company is adding. Josh Builta (@jtBuilta) is now head of the firm’s IoT practice. Alexandra Rehak (@RehakResearch) is now Chief Analyst for Omdia’s new Digital Consumer Operator Strategies service. This is a new research area dedicated […]

Do We Still Need the Term IoT?

Is the Internet of Things (IoT) still a thing? As a company who considers IoT one of our areas of expertise as it relates to developing positioning and messaging, content marketing, public relations, and social media campaigns for B2B technology companies, that’s a question we get asked a lot. The short answer is yes, and […]

What Role Should Content Play in Your Overall Marketing Efforts?

If you’re like many companies, you have leftover trade show budget from the cancelled events this spring and summer, and lots of places where it could be spent. We’d argue that there’s no better place to spend it than on content marketing. The reason: the breadth of results it can offer when it’s done right. […]

GSMA cancels LA show, new editor at Light Reading, and more

GSMA cancels LA show, launches virtual event series: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential health and travel restrictions, the GSMA has cancelled its MWC Los Angeles show, originally scheduled for Oct. 28-30. Meanwhile, the GSMA has launched a new virtual platform called GSMA Thrive, with the inaugural GSMA Thrive China event taking place […]

Topio Networks Q&A: Accelerating Companies with Content

Topio Networks came on the scene about 18 months ago as an accelerator of the formation of markets and the development of companies. By creating communities around emerging trends and developing the information and connections necessary for the community to effectively position themselves and benefit from these trends, Topio helps companies in the enterprise and […]

What’s the Value of a Warm Introduction?

By Laura Borgstede, Calysto CEO The warm introduction. It has been bandied about in the investor community for years as one of the best ways to reach angel investors or venture capitalists who might be interested in backing your company. It’s a personal introduction from one person to another (or in some cases, one company […]

Everything’s Virtual: Now What?

It started with a bang in February, when the world’s largest mobile trade show, MWC 2020, announced the show was cancelled based on concerns over the coronavirus. One by one, the trade shows folded, and it’s not clear that any larger industry gatherings will happen before the fall, if not later. Meanwhile, virtually every company […]