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New editor at MIT Technology Review, Washington Post, and More…

Honan next EIC at Technology Review: Mat Honan (@mat honan) is joining MIT Technology Review (@techreview) as its next editor in chief. Honan joins from BuzzFeed News, where he and his teams have published impactful, hard-hitting journalism that asks important questions, captures attention, and has won multiple awards, including a 2021 Pulitzer Prize. Honan starts at MIT Technology Review on August 17. Washington Post hires new editors: The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) has hired several new reporters and editors. Will Oremus (@WillOremus) is the […]

5 Simple Strategies for Getting Coverage During Slow News Cycles

Summer is in full swing, and if it’s anything like summers past, the news cycle is going to be slow, at least until September. That means it’s the perfect time to try some new techniques to keep your company front and center with the media and analysts that cover your industry. Don’t have any upcoming […]

6 Reasons the Channel Press Is as Important as Ever

When channels are talked about in the overall marketing mix, elements like content marketing, email, social media, and video often come to mind. While these are important channels that we cover extensively through our PRVibes blog and newsletter, there’s another channel that deserves some attention: The publication companies that provide news, analysis and research about […]

Finding the Perfect Balance Between Vertical and Horizontal Marketing

As we head into the second half of 2021, and with live events still up in the air for the remainder of the year, you might be asking yourself “where should I spend my marketing dollars to get the best ROI? And what should I be thinking for 2022?” You want to gain the most […]

IDG Acquired by Blackstone, Boston Globe Hires New Technology Editor, and More

Blackstone acquires IDG: Private equity funds managed by Blackstone have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire International Data Group, Inc. (@IDG) from Oriental Rainbow, LLC for $1.3 billion. IDC’s research, data, advisory services, and events leverage more than 1,100 analyst experts worldwide to provide global and local expertise on technology and industry trends in […]

Three Tips to Successfully Use Infographics

Infographics have seemingly been around since the dawn of man, and they still hold some serious firepower as a content marketing asset. Infographics are visual, helping people to quickly understand concepts and numbers in ways that the written word simply can’t convey. So, should they be a part of your marketing arsenal? Absolutely—but only if […]

3 Tips to Reinvent Your White Paper Strategy

White papers are the stalwart of content marketing. Longer and more in-depth than a blog post and often more technical than an eBook, a white paper is often the perfect mid-funnel content for a marketing program. But they also have the reputation of being long, boring and all-too-often overly self-serving for the companies that write […]

5 Questions to Ask While Prepping for Your Next Trade Show

It’s been a long time coming, but based on activity we’re seeing in the market, it might be time to start thinking about your next live event. Whether it’s your internal user conference, a big-ish trade show, or a boutique conference, events are about to take a tentative step forward this summer and fall as […]

Five Tips to Becoming an Award-Winning Company

When the products and solutions awards are announced at your next trade show, will your company be in the winner’s circle (and thinking about how to get your plaques and trophies home) or will you be on the sidelines looking in and wondering what your competitors know that you don’t? They either have superior products […]

From the Archives: Six Key Steps to Cultivating Thought Leadership

Cultivating Thought Leadership is like any other marketing campaign—it contains distinct elements, rolled out over a specific timeframe. It’s also different from many campaigns you’ve probably worked on, in that you are raising the profile of a specific person, not a company. Because of that, your Thought Leadership campaigns should be separate and distinct from […]