More Gartner Changes

*It was incorrectly reported that Gyanee Dewnarain was laid off from Gartner. She left Gartner in January to join BT Global Services, and now works for Orange Business Services.

As reported last week, there were a ton of departures from Gartner within the last month. Add the following analysts to the list.

Brady Wang, Sr Principal Analyst worked at Gartner for more than 11 years. His areas of coverage included the sensors market and related applications, such as IoT and automotive. He also advised clients on drone technology, AI, Radar, Lidar, Fingerprint and 3D Sensing, Mobile Memory, including eMMC, eMCP, UFS and uMCP, and Emerging Memory, including 3D XPoint, STT-MRAM, CBRAM, and ReRAM.

Fernando Elizalde, Sr Principal Analyst was also at Gartner for more than 11 years, covering Fixed-Telecom, OTT, IPTV, and Broadband.

John Morency, spent more than 11 years as a Research VP at Gartner, covering the Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDx) market. Most recently, he served as Recovery and Resilience Consultant for four months.

Cindi Howson, VP Analyst served at Gartner for four years. She led the analytics and BI Magic Quadrant, with research in data for good, NLP/BI Search, and augmented analytics.

Santanu Patro, Research Director joined Gartner nearly two years ago. He was a member of the Data Center Infra & Management team covering Digital Business, DC transformation, Edge and IoT.

Doreen Galli, Sr Director Analyst worked at Gartner for less than two years covering data management solutions including logical data warehouse, data virtualization, data hubs, data as a service, data validation, streaming, micro-batching, Kafka, metadata management, and IoT.

Nigel Montgomery, Sr Director Analyst worked at Gartner for nine years, covering Enterprise Applications (ERP) Strategy including Two-Tier ERP, (SME) Small & Midsized ERP, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Smart Contracts.

Dalibor Djuran, Managing Vice President served at Gartner for more than three years. He led the Global Forecast Management team across IT Services, IoT, Video Media Services, Data Centers, Storage, Networking, Cloud, and SaaS technologies.

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