New Roles, Research Areas at Omdia, Changes at TMN, and more

New roles, research areas at Omdia: Omdia (@OmdiaHQ) has reorganized a few positions to reflect new research areas the company is adding.

Josh Builta (@jtBuilta) is now head of the firm’s IoT practice.

Alexandra Rehak (@RehakResearch) is now Chief Analyst for Omdia’s new Digital Consumer Operator Strategies service. This is a new research area dedicated to exploring opportunities in B2C “beyond connectivity” for telcos.

Dario Talmesio (@dariotalmesio) has moved from the head of Omdia’s Europe research to team lead its new dedicated Strategy & Regulation services. Focusing on the former for the time being, the group will track the evolution of telcos and focus on what the service provider of the future will look like through coverage of all phases of service development: design, build, sell and run.

Omdia is also starting up a new Private Network service (predominantly focused on LTE and 5G). This is led by Pablo Tomasi (@PabloETomasi), who is moving from his previous IoT coverage, and Camille Mendler (@cmendler), who is now Chief Analyst for Enterprise Services.

Changes at TMN: The Mobile Network Quarterly (@TMNmag) is moving to a paid subscription model, starting with its September issue. A sneak peek at what the magazine will be covering in its September, December and February issues can be found at

Codebook relaunched: Aspen Digital (@AspenDigital) has partnered with Axios (@axios) to relaunch Codebook, its cybersecurity newsletter, with Zach Dorfman (@zachsdorfman) of the Aspen Institute as its senior staff writer.  The newsletter is distributed on Wednesdays.

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