The Ultimate Guide to Marketing & PR in an IoT World

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The Ultimate Guide to Marketing and Public Relations in an IoT World

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to proliferate every aspect of our lives, countless companies are fighting to position themselves as major players in the industry. Competition is fierce, and marketers must find new and innovative ways to gain the attention of IoT influencers.

Through its new eBook, Calysto will discuss how marketing an IoT company is different than traditional technology marketing, and how companies can garner the attention necessary to succeed in the IoT market. Marketers will learn:

  • The dangers of labeling yourself an IoT company
  • The importance of including proof points in your Core Messaging
  • The biggest mistake companies make with their messaging
  • The many challenges and opportunities to marketing a company in the IoT age
  • and much more!

Download our free eBook to gain a solid understanding of successfully marketing your company in the IoT market!