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PR Vibes Q&A: Machina Research Founders Launch New Industry Analyst Firm – Introducing Transforma Insights

Machina Research alums Jim Morrish and Matt Hatton are at it again, launching a new industry analyst firm called Transforma Insights that explores the cutting edge of the digital transformation efforts taking place within the enterprise end user and vendor communities. Calysto sat down with Jim and Matt to discuss their new initiative and the […]

Why Content Marketing Is Key to Your Trade Show Success

A few of the industry’s largest trade shows are just a few months away—do you have everything you need in place for a successful Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Mobile World Congress? If you’re like many companies, the answer is like “ummm, maybe?” And that’s not a great place to be when it comes to […]

2020 Annual Planning: 11 Key Elements Every Marketing Plan Should Have

It’s that time of year: Time to prepare the annual Marketing Plan, that is. For weeks, you’ve been nudging your department heads for key materials that can help you build your plan, and now (hopefully) all of the data is falling into place. But simply plugging the data into last year’s plan isn’t always the […]

Moves at WIRED, Business Insider and more; Facebook launches news section

WIRED adds senior reviews editor —Julian Chokkattu (@JulianChokkattu) has joined WIRED as senior associate editor of reviews, covering new product reviews of consumer electronics. He was formerly with Digital Trends, where he served as mobile and wearables editor. Fretty joins Industry Week — Peter Fretty (@pfretty) has been named managing editor of Industry Week. He […]

10 Key Characteristics Every Thought Leader Should Possess

Are you a Thought Leader, or looking for ways to cultivate a Thought Leader inside your company? It’s not as easy as it sounds! While some people seem to be born with Thought Leadership skills because they have a constant flow of good ideas, they’re actually more likely demonstrating leadership skills. Thought Leadership is a […]

2020 Annual Planning: It’s Time to Gather Key Materials for Your Strategic Marketing Plan

It’s nearly November—how is that annual marketing plan coming along? If you’re like many marketing teams, you’ve been patiently waiting for the company’s 2020 business plan to be complete before starting your marketing plan. But although many of the key components from the business plan will slide over to the marketing plan, there’s no reason […]

In Memoriam: Michael Howard

Longtime telecom industry analyst Michael Howard passed away last week after a battle with pancreatic cancer, and the industry is mourning the loss of not only a great analyst, but a greater man. Everyone has a Michael story—his charm, Hollywood good looks and unsurpassed industry expertise elevated everyone around him. Below we share a few […]

Gartner Magic Quadrant Updates, new reporters at Business Insider, WIRED

Gartner Updates Magic Quadrant Processes — Gartner has made some changes to the way it structures its Critical Capabilities Methodologies programs. It also updated us on how these affect the Magic Quadrants. Intended to help streamline the process for both vendors and the firm’s analysts, the process reduces the amount of back-and-forth communications between companies and the analyst […]

Introducing UCIoT and the Importance of Being in the Right Category

Quick, in three or fewer words, tell us what category your company is in. Is it enterprise security, 5G wireless infrastructure, managed services, IoT sensors? How do you classify yourself? Is it possible that the right category doesn’t yet exist? That surprisingly happens more than you might think. Categories are buckets that companies put their […]

New editorial roles at RCR, TechTarget, RTInsights and WIRED

New editor at RCR – Catherine Sbeglia has joined RCR Wireless News(@rcrwirelessnews), Enterprise IoT Insights and In-Building Technology as a new technology writer. Before joining Arden Media, she served as an associate editor in Advantage Business Marketing’s manufacturing and research & development groups. Her coverage is largely focused on 5G, U.S. carrier operations, domestic telecom policy and WiFi […]