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Calysto’s new blog – the communications spotlight

The age of constant information creates a sizable dilemma: There is so much information flowing constantly from so many sources—media outlets, companies, news aggregators, social media sites—that it can be difficult to know where to look first. Worse yet, there are very few decent filters that help separate the need-to-know from the not-so-newsworthy. That’s a […]

PR 101: A Primer

Think public relations might be too expensive for your company? Think again. There are several easy, cost-effective PR strategies you can use to help your company increase its visibility. The goal of public relations is to develop the story about your company and then to deliver that story to appropriate audiences. Depending on your corporate goals, […]

Press Releases: Spray n’ Pray?

There are 12 days (8 business days) left until SUPERCOMM. Over the next 1½-week, we will continue our “SUPERCOMM Special Edition” of the PR Vibes™ e-mail newsletter. These tips and tidbits will include checklists, funny stories, places to eat and drink and how to get the most out of SUPERCOMM 2005. The venerable press release […]