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Introducing UCIoT and the Importance of Being in the Right Category

Quick, in three or fewer words, tell us what category your company is in. Is it enterprise security, 5G wireless infrastructure, managed services, IoT sensors? How do you classify yourself? Is it possible that the right category doesn’t yet exist? That surprisingly happens more than you might think. Categories are buckets that companies put their […]

PR Vibes: PR Vibes: Knewz, The Verge, Fierce and other moves, adds and changes

FierceMarkets has launched FierceElectronics, covering electronics, sensors, embedded, power management and analog news and technology. The editorial team includes former ComputerWorld editor Matt Hamblen (based in Harrisonburg, Virginia) and longtime electronics writer Spencer Chin (based in the greater New York City area). Both will assist with content planning for Sensors Expo & Conference. The SDxCentral editorial […]

How Cost Effective is Your Marketing Communications Program?

Calysto Communications, in partnership with market research consultancy iGR recently conducted a survey among telecom industry PR and marketing executives regarding the cost effectiveness of their marketing communications programs.   The survey revealed that 87% see cost as the biggest factor when selecting a PR firm, while 98% value an agency with industry knowledge. 39% […]

What to Expect in 2014: 100 Predictions from Top Tech Industry Influencers (Summarized)

Welcome to PR Vibes™, created by Calysto Communications to provide you with key insights into the people, events and trends in the communications technology industry. Today, we have compiled the views from a variety of analysts and journalists to provide you with a few thought-provoking insights into what’s likely to be hot and or not […]

The New Rule of Content

The PR business model is changing—a lot. That’s no secret. There are fewer industry publications, which means fewer traditional media opportunities.  But there also are a lot more content creators out there—some legit and some… well, not so legit. Bottom line—there are a lot more ways for people in the industry to learn about what’s […]