Calysto Introduces ROIPlus: Q&A with Laura Borgstede and Charul Vyas

Calysto recently introduced ROIPlus, a new business analytics tool for marketers. We talked to CEO Laura Borgstede and Chief Strategist Charul Vyas to explore the thinking behind ROIPlus and what it means for the marketing industry.

Q: So, what exactly is ROIPlus?

LB: ROIPlus provides marketing intelligence to change actions. It is a marketer’s best friend. It’s a business intelligence tool that will help companies make educated decisions on their marketing activities and spend. It determines what activities, and messages, are driving sales leads, customer activity and website traffic in order to repeat the effective campaigns, and not repeat ineffective ones. In order to improve the sales funnel and close ratio.  ROIPlus demonstrates to C-level executives the actual results marketing is having on sales, as well as the overall business.

Q: Who will be using ROIPlus?

CV: Marketing teams – the marketing director, the CMO – will want this tool because they can prove the success of each marketing campaign against the company’s key performance indicators (KPIs). It’s not just about ROI, but are we really hitting those KPIs that are important to my company? The ultimate consumers of the results, however, are the C-level executives who find it difficult to link specific marketing expenditures to sales. Now we can help them see that all-important connection.

Q: What kinds of data can marketing directors expect from ROIPlus

CV: Reports are customized for each client based on their goals and priorities. For example, we will conduct a campaign analysis that not only overlays media coverage with PR and announcements, but analyzes whether it is resonating, and then tying that information back to lead generation and website traffic. For PR metrics, we’ll analyze items such as coverage and reach, but take it a level deeper to help companies understand the impact of their efforts.  For example, we can help you determine how content marketing and analyst briefings assist with thought leadership positioning. Our reports will not just track a company’s coverage, but dissect it on a tiered basis to make sure they are reaching their top influencers. ROIPlus will help them understand if they are making traction with those key influencers.

Q: How is the data presented?

LB: ROIPlus delivers results in three ways:

  1. Via a web-based portal from which marketers can pull their results for individual campaigns
  2. Through a graphical presentation with charts, perfect for presentation to your C-level execs
  3. As an executive summary, which not only presents the data, but analyzes it, provides an executive summary and makes recommendations for moving forward.

Q: Do you have to be a Calysto client to sign up for ROIPlus?

LB: Absolutely not. ROIPlus is for any company that wants to understand the value and impact that their marketing campaigns are having on awareness, lead generation and sales.

Q: How can companies get started?

CV: Companies can set up a free initial consultation by contacting Marissa Evans.

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