5 Things Vertical Marketing Shows Customers About Your Company

Vertical markets are key industries where your company might want to sell or where your company is already finding some success and wants more. They are slices of your overall market, and some verticals may make up a good percentage of your sales. Vertical markets include industries like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy, Automotive, Smart Cities, and others that have unique challenges and opportunities. And these markets are becoming more important than ever for vendors to connect with.

But to sell in these markets, customers need to have a high level of trust that vendors know their markets inside and out. Vertical marketing programs should help your customers understand five things about your company:

  • You bring value to their market. If you haven’t already, write a value proposition for each vertical market you intend to tackle. It will help you stay on track with the rest of your marketing program.
  • You have helped other organizations find success. Case studies, use cases and customer references are great ways to show how you have helped similar companies reach their goals. You should have at least one customer success piece for each market you approach.
  • You talk the talk. You know and understand the acronyms and jargon used in a particular vertical market and can use them with ease.
  • You understand the vertical’s regulatory and compliance requirements. Each vertical market has a unique set of “rules” and some—like Healthcare and Financial Services—are more strict than others. Being able to know and navigate these regulations is critical to success.
  • You’ve walked the walk. The expectation is that your team has the expertise and experience to help customers succeed. With senior-level people on your team who have done this before, confidence in your ability to show results will rise.

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