5 Steps to Make the Most of Exhibiting at MWC

Mobile World Congress is less than a month away. Hopefully, you’ve done your homework and are fully prepared for the show, including honing your messaging, completing your outreach to potential clients, media and analysts, and preparing all the materials and supplies you’ll need. If you need a step-by-step guide on how to prepare for trade show success, we’ve got you covered!

In this post, we’ll discuss five strategies for maximizing your time and investment as an exhibitor at MWC19.

  1. Stay focused on your goal. The thing to keep in mind as an exhibitor is that it’s all about generating leads—quality leads—for your sales team. Knowing that going in, the booth experience you create for visitors needs to be a memorable one. You’ll want to create a welcoming environment that is also dynamic and expressive of your brand. What can you offer visitors that will engage them in a way that creates a positive association with your product, your services and your team?
  2. Practice gratitude. For people that did schedule appointments in advance, provide them an extra thank you—a small token from your company, such as a gift card for the Starbucks in the convention hall, goes a long way.
  3. Make an offer. When looking at your booth, think about the people you are trying to attract, along with how you can stand out from the rest of the exhibitors. Do you have a way that they can sample your product or services? How will you draw them in? Maybe it’s the chance to win a small prize, or maybe it’s something as simple as having full-size candy bars for those that sit through your presentation. Other ideas include a phone charging station, bottled water branded with your company logo, tins of mints, pens and small notepads.
  4. Conserve your energy. Staffing the booth with knowledgeable, confident, energetic people is also key. If you are clearly able to articulate your offering, then the right people will respond, when they come along, do not waste your energy on people who are not a good match. Your messaging should pull the right people in, not just those people looking for a freebie.
  5. Create an online buzz. Many companies create a microsite as part of their own website specifically for expected visitors, providing advance information or something special to welcome them, creating a “pre-destination” for potential booth visitors. Another thing you can do is socialize the experience in a way that will confer a benefit on both you and your visitors. Taking a selfie with attendees post it on Twitter (or Facebook or Instagram) with a shout out and a tag for them and their company. Remember to always tag the conference and also use the official show hashtags. This will virtually guarantee you some sort of coverage from the show organizers, who will likely retweet your post, and maybe
    even follow your account. But if you really want to create a buzz, come up with something fun and engaging that people will want to participate in, like a game, scavenger hunt, quiz or contest. If you share instructions with all of your visitors, they can participate throughout the day, keeping engagement going for hours. The important thing is to make it fun and easy, and offer some attractive reward for people’s participation.

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