Calysto White Paper: Tricks of the Trade Show – The Complete Guide to Trade Show Success

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Tricks of the Trade Show: The Complete Guide to Trade Show Success

As you plan for your next trade show, there are several things you need to think about to make it a success. In “The Complete Guide to Trade Show Success,” Calysto will help you plot a course to success by:

  1. Establishing Roles and Goals: At some events, your company will wear many hats—speaker, exhibitor, award nominee and so on—and at others you may just be attending to talk with partners and/or analysts. The roles you play and the goals you set are critical to making sure you’re getting the most from your investment.
  2. Developing a Pre-Show Social and Content Plan: Understanding how to time your content, and having a robust pre- and post-event calendar for your content and social media activities, is crucial to success.
  3. Maximizing the Live Experience: Whether you’re an exhibitor, speaker or simply visiting the show as an attendee, there are several things you can do to ensure your company has its best experience ever.

All the best at your next event!