IoT World 2019: The Intersection of Industries and IoT Innovation

Internet of Things World | May 13 – 16, 2019 | Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA

In this PR Vibes™ pre-show Q&A, Zach Butler, Portfolio Manager for Informa Tech’s IoT World Series of 12 events, offers a glimpse of what’s new and what’s going to be big at IoT World in 2019.

Why is, “the intersection of industries and IoT” the theme for 2019?
This is the sixth year for IoT World and over the last several years, the show has begun to verticalize around the industries that IoT is disrupting the most and has the biggest opportunity to change. Manufacturing, smart buildings, energy and utilities, smart cities, supply chain and logistics, automotive, and aviation are some examples. Our theme this year – The Intersection of Industries and IoT Innovation– builds on these increasingly connected multiple verticals and what we believe is part of the broader IoT movement. IoT World is the place where the people within the verticals that matter the most are coming to engage with the ecosystem of IoT solution providers to put IoT into action and create a digital future for their businesses.

What do you see as the top trends this year?
This is the year of the IoT implementer! In addition, IoT World has always been very much a strategic conference and the percentage of our audience that represents IoT leadership within enterprises has been growing steadily from year to year and will be evident this year.

What’s become more apparent is the need for CIOs, COOs, CTOs, and CXOs to reach out from within their own lines of business to others within the enterprise that are procuring and purchasing IoT solutions from the ecosystem. Reach out to the operations side of the business, the ones who are actually utilizing the technology advancements. Or, to the technical colleague within the IT function who is tasked with the actual integration of these technologies into current business practices and technologies and processes which are already underway.

These are areas where the IT community must advance so that the adoption and return on investment of IoT technologies will be realized. The implementers are interested in both the vertical content representing the industries they serve, as well as the horizontal technical content, such as edge computing or connectivity or security. To that end, we have mapped our show offerings around the challenges that all areas of the enterprise face when adopting IoT solutions within their business.

What’s new at the show this year?
We’ve launched a number of vertical-specific networking features to encourage engagement among our attendees. T-Mobile will be hosting the Pool Party on the 14thof May that’ll be lots of fun, as well as an opportunity for people within an industry to meet with others outside of the conference tracks.

We’re also hosting exhibition tours with routes organized around each vertical focus. Our conference audience will have headsets and they’ll follow us with our lollipops around the exhibition to meet with vertical-specific exhibitors during the tour. It’s a great way for the exhibitors to meet with a honed group of attendees from a particular industry. It also helps our conference attendees who represent those industries maximize their networking time by meeting the most relevant suppliers, within a concise period.

While the design and developer community has always been a large part of our exhibition audience, this year we’ve formally launched the IoT World Developer Conference, a two-day co-located conference where the software and hardware developers, engineers and architects will learn about commercially viable solutions and best practices for successfully deploying in the IoT market. We anticipate IoT DevCon will become a growing presence within IoT World in the future.

What’s the breakdown of expected attendees?
One of the great things we’re seeing is that more teams are coming from various pockets within an organization. This year we expect over 40% of attending companies to have more than one colleague represented.

We are also seeing a more diverse audience attend the show, with growth in security attendance and AI or analytics attendees and those who will be interested in the horizontal content, which we define as the “IoT Capabilities.” They are all coming to meet and learn with others in their industry to share lessons learned so they can go back and try new things.

Those who attend the conference keynotes represent the IT leadership, the technology leadership and, even more so now, the broader leadership across the various businesses. We are seeing more engagement with boards and with C-level people within enterprises who see IoT as a disruptive and potentially game-changing movement for their business during their transformation. Thus, our advanced registration shows more CFOs, CMOs and CEOs who engage with IoT as being the catalyst for digital transformation, joining alongside with their IT leadership.

The conference tracks represent much that same strategy within the implementer audience, depending upon which vertical or horizontal tracks people are attending or their particular roles. For example, a manufacturing company may that see their strategy and IT leadership are interested in specific vertical tracks.

In the exhibition, it’s very much about the need to build strong partnerships and strong ecosystems as companies strive towards delivering end-to-end IoT solutions. It’s very clear in the IoT market that companies can’t deliver IoT by themselves. The strong partnerships and ecosystems are fundamental in being able to deliver end-to-end enterprise solutions.

Companies that represent all parts of the value chain can engage with IoT World, whether it’s hardware or software companies, connectivity companies or integrators or other over-the-top software applications services that are coming to build a partner ecosystem. That’s been the perfect storm of IoT World.

With a sold-out exhibition hall, have you observed any shifts among those companies exhibiting?
Good question. Industrial IoT is definitely a leading theme of the show and it correlates into the exhibition hall. While the large cloud platform providers have always had large a presence, as IoT World evolves into the implementation phase we see two main categories of exhibiting companies that have grown at IoT World.

The first category centers on connectivity and an expanded presence of the telcos and carriers. All of the major carriers will be there. This is the first year that Verizon will be exhibiting, which is a great testament to their ambitions are for an IoT World powered by 5G.

The second trend is the amplified presence of the industrial information companies, such as Siemens and Schneider Electric. And that’s directly correlated to the evolving and growing importance of the industrial automation and integration throughout the show.

Is there anything you’ve learned as IoT World has grown and evolved over six years? Has anything surprised you?
I’m constantly being surprised! Informa is a huge global media, business intelligence and events company and IoT World has been a brand which has had a very steep growth curve in six short years. I won’t call it a surprise, but I will say that it’s a humbling feeling to see how quickly IoT World became as one of the most important, if not the most important, IoT event on businesses’ event calendar. I think having Dell Technologies as this year’s Title Sponsor really is a testament that IoT World is the place where key initiatives and partnerships will be launched.

I also think it’s been advantageous that IoT World has always recognized that IoT isn’t a technology in itself. IoT is a combination of multiple disruptive technologies — connectivity, AI, edge computing and so forth. IoT is a movement for the digital future. The show has adapted a lot in six years so far and will continue to do so as the market unfolds.

And, it’s been great to watch new technologies coming into the space, things like AI which over the last couple of years has really taken the market by storm, Last year and again this year, the amount of AI content at IoT World has been quite extensive. We see new industry disruptions starting to snowball, such as quantum computing, which is just starting to be talked about at IoT World. The show will evolve to cater to those emerging topics. I think the surprise is going to be what’s going to catch us by surprise next!

What one thing will help you get the most out of the show?
Make sure to download the IoT World event app so you can schedule your diary! Take a look at all of the different networking opportunities and pre-schedule. Determine what sessions you want to attend, what exhibit booths to visit. You can also use the meeting service tool on the app to reach out to other attendees.

To sum up, how is IoT World different from the many other events?
Our focus has always been on putting IoT to work around the enterprise. IoT World brings both Fortune 500 companies and SMB enterprises that are adopting, or are ready to adopt, IoT as part of their transformation.

Another advantage is the deep relations and engagements within the tech ecosystem that Informa, our parent company, brings. Analyst houses like Ovum, Heavy Reading and Tractica work as a research team to provide analysis and reports. Our online IoT World digital community and IoT World Today, along with our other large media sites, attract millions of readers. There really isn’t any other IoT event that has that combination with the depth and breadth of features behind it.

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Next year in 2020: IoT World moves to San Jose, CA during April 6 – 9, 2020.

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