Three Things to Look for in a PR Agency

The new year is off to a solid start, with more companies in the IoT, cloud, mobile, wireless and telecom industries adapting and thriving under the “new normal.” As such, many are weighing whether it’s time to partner with a public relations agency to help spread the word about the exciting things the company is undertaking. Many PR companies say they can help, but how many invest the time to get to know your company, understand your goals, craft strategies that based on these goals, and then measure how well the messages were delivered and received?

There are several characteristics to look for in a PR agency, but there are three that stand out as you’ve narrowed down your list to your top candidates:

  1. Do they have the relationships in the markets you are looking to reach?
    Let’s face it, relationship building has gotten more difficult during today’s work from home environment. The trade shows that were the foundation of meeting editors and analysts in person are now virtual, so face-to-face time has been drastically reduced. Zoom conferences are a good way to connect, but those are usually reserved for when the interview has already been booked. It’s relationships that will get those interviews in the first place, so it’s good to know whether the team you’re considering has those relationships already in place, whether you’re pursuing industry media and analysts, vertical media or the businesses press (or a combination of all three). Will they get results through a simple email or phone call?
  2. Do they have experience in matching the business goals you are trying to reach?
    What are your company’s business goals? How about its marketing goals? Is your agency working with your company to meet those goals through the strategies and programs they’ve put together? In looking for the agency that’s a perfect match, make sure they can articulate how they’re going to help you meet those goals. Is it through Thought Leadership? Content Marketing? Specific Public Relations Campaigns? Social Media? The more details your potential PR firm candidates can provide, the better.
  3. Do they have references and success stories?
    As we tell our clients, nothing tells a story better than a customer who found success working with a PR firm. Do the firms you’re considering have such stories and references you can call to get more details? Do these stories have “results” that you can use to determine how that case study might translate in your market? The more details you can receive on the success of previous programs, the more comfortable you’ll feel with your decision.

Selecting a PR firm can be a difficult decision. The more information your candidates can provide about how they’d approach your company’s strategy, the better. Interested in learning more about how Calysto can help you succeed? Contact us today!

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