5 Things to Fix in Your Social Media Strategy Before MWC

As Mobile World Congress looms, marketing teams are in a full-court press to get everything done in time. While many companies are still determining whether they’ll make an announcement or not, others are already well into their punch lists of last-minute items. Regardless of where you are in your to-do list, there’s one thing you should ensure is in tip-top shape: Your social media strategy and the tactics that support it.

Now, we’re assuming you have a social media strategy. If not, make that the first priority. Assuming you do have a strategy in place, here are five tips to ensure you’re ready for the craziness that MWC brings:

  1. Make sure your social media strategy—like other parts of your marketing strategy—maps back to your business goals. We can’t stress this enough. You should be writing and sharing content that brings you one step closer to achieving your business objectives, whether that means growing revenue, reaching into new verticals, setting up sales offices in new geographic regions or whatever they happen to be. Use this lens to run your content through with every social post. It may seem overwhelming at first (so start now for MWC), but it soon will become second nature.
  2. Start early. Frankly, your MWC social content should be underway at this point. If not, there’s no time like today to get started. Hint at what you’ll be announcing, provide sneak peeks of new products, invite attendees to your booth (or your meeting room, or your party), etc. There’s no shortage of content to share when it comes to MWC.
  3. Stop speaking at your audience and start speaking with Social media is designed to be interactive, so make sure your posts are designed to engage, not just inform. Ideally, each post has some sort of active call to action—visit you at the show, read this white paper, etc. But what if you also sprinkled in some questions, like “What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen so far at #MWC2020?” Questions encourage people to respond to, not just read, your tweets and posts. Just make sure someone is listening on your end to respond in a timely manner.
  4. Don’t set it and forget it. It’s tempting when you’re at a trade show (and day to day, for that matter) to schedule your social media and just let it run itself. The problem with that is you lose a lot of the excitement and wow factor of the show if you’re not mentioning all of the cool things happening. If you can’t man it, then assign it to someone back home who can keep an eye on the pulse of the show from afar. Make sure your on-site team is feeding the funnel based on what they’re seeing throughout the show.
  5. Include your social profiles on EVERYTHING. Now that your social media strategy is on track for the show, everything about your show presence should be touting your social media presence—the booth itself, product spec sheets, email addresses, giveaways, press release boilerplates—everything. Why do all that hard work if you’re not going to promote it for all it’s worth?

MWC is the biggest show of the year for many companies. Getting your social media strategy in great shape before the show will help pay dividends at the show and beyond.

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