5 Ways to Unstick Your Social Flow

Struggling to come up with fresh ideas for posting updates on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook? Even the most accomplished curation gurus can get stuck.

Here are five sure-fire ways to get un-stuck from that social media rut:

1. Give Customer Shout-outs. Write a blurb about your customer’s latest press release, their community giving efforts, their new product or recent accomplishment. This is an easy way to share relevant news, social_media_rutand give social props to a brand that you support. Search their history, or their region, and find an interesting morsel to share.

Bonus Tip: Call them out in Twitter by their @name, and watch the engagement stats grow.  (Most brands will Favorite or RT a post on them.)

2. Use Partners Props. Similar to your customers, highlight the successes and interesting facts of your technology partners. Create something out of existing content (press release, strategic new hire, awards, etc.) or repost something they shared first. Often, that partner will appreciate your efforts, and respond in kind.

Bonus Tip: Follow (on all your social channels) the social profiles of your partners and customers. Reciprocity is still the norm, even if it does take a genuine effort to build that relationship.

3. Embrace Hashtags. Associations, trade shows and user groups all have a hashtag they use to tag and highlight information niches. Why not look into that with an announcement of your own? (Think trade show exhibit or guest presenter).

Bonus Tip: Hashtags like #FollowFriday and #TBT (or #throwbackthursday) are fun and engaging way to get involved… and give you ideas for posts.

4. Celebrate Achievements. Company milestones, especially of the personal kind, are enticing click-bait. Phil in accounting who has just celebrated his 10-year work anniversary? Share the news socially, and include a photo of him eating his cake. More and more, people (and brands) appreciate the human side of corporations.

Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to take a picture of the award-winning employee, and grab a quote. Mash them together and you have yourself some excellent social fodder.

5. Get a Sense of Humor. Don’t be afraid (within reason. of course) to share the oddball observation or joke. Be sure to match the voice and style of these humorous posts to the brand, but don’t be afraid to have fun. And poking a little fun at yourself is healthy.

Bonus Tip: Use #funnyfriday to hook your social offering into a greater pool of eyeballs.

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