Setting Attainable Goals at MWC19

What are your goals for attending Mobile World Congress?

A well-executed strategy starts with setting goals for your overall trade show presence, as well as for each individual show. Considering the amount of time, energy and financial resources it takes to travel to Barcelona to attend MWC, if you want to see a significant ROI, then you’d better have clarity on all levels going in. Let’s have a look at some specific goals and how you can start
preparing now to meet them:

Goal: Boosting a new product offering or other company news – Mobile World Congress is a great place to expand awareness about the latest goings-on in your company. But waiting to release news at the show is not always the best PR strategy, as your announcement may get lost in the noise during a show of this magnitude. However, releasing big news before the show can result in greater awareness and more traffic to your booth at the event.

Circulate your press releases and new product announcements prior to the show to get the buzz going. If you haven’t already done so, contact media and analysts now, and start posting links on social media to amplify your messaging. Another option is to conduct press interviews under embargo one to two weeks in advance and then make your announcement at the show.

Goal: Establishing market reputation or leadership – A trade show like MWC is the place where your business gets to shine and be recognized by the entire mobile ecosystem. However, expecting interested parties to stumble across your
booth because you have the coolest giveaways is so 1980s. In order to create this awareness, put some time into broadcasting your key messaging on industry channels, both in traditional media as well as social media.

Goal: Supporting a Thought Leadership campaign for one of your executives – Now is the time to broadcast think pieces, position papers, and Q & As. Share any press coverage you obtain on social media channels and use the show’s hashtags when you post (#MWC19).

Goal: Keeping abreast of industry trends – By keeping your ear to the trade show floor – taking note of what’s creating the biggest buzz around the show – you’ll go home with greater insight into what’s coming next in your industry. This knowledge can create a competitive advantage, help establish you as a Thought
Leader, and provide endless fodder for content creation.

What’s your #1 goal heading into Mobile World Congress?

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