Calysto Tradeshow Vibes Q&A: IoT Evolution EXPO

August 17 -20, 2015, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Calysto spoke with Scott Kargman, Co-Founder and COO of Crossfire Media about IoT Evolution Expo 2015.

What was it like to have the standalone IoT show, versus being combined with Internet Telephony Expo? What kind of results did you expect (and what did you get)? 

The IoT ecosystem has taken on a life of its own, stretching from IoT platform providers to sensor companies to service providers.

When we first launched M2M Evolution, we were still in the early adopter phase, where it made sense to collocate with ITEXPO. As the industry has moved from discussions of what is possible with the IoT to discussions about implementation, security and analytics, it became apparent that this needed to be a standalone conference focused solely on the needs of the growing IoT ecosystem and IoT adopters.

Our exhibitor community, as well as our attendees, has been pleased with the focus that the standalone event has provided.

Who is the IoT Evolution target audience? 

Any technology or business professional looking to understand how to leverage the IoT, business intelligence and analytics to move their business forward. We draw on both the C-levels looking for a top down understanding, as well as developers and engineers building IoT applications.

We understand that carriers are not looking to have conversations amongst themselves and their vendors. We look to support enterprises in their deployments. No matter how many vertical markets we identify, the reality is no business requires only one IoT alternative. All businesses have compliance requirements, facilities management, operational efficiencies and supply chain objectives that can utilize IoT. We think that business decisions in IoT are being driven mostly by operations, but a number of thought leaders are seeing the revenue opportunities that turn the Internet of Things into the Internet of Services.

What was the number of attendees this year? 

Total attendance was approximately 2,500. Attendees came from more than 40 countries, including service providers, IoT platform and applications companies, as well as large enterprises representing vertical markets such as manufacturing, telematics, transportation, and retail.

Any social media metrics to share? 

Our twitter reach stretched to nearly 3.5 M, with all conversations overwhelmingly positive.

How many companies exhibited? 

We had 52 exhibitors, including AT&T, Stream Technologies, IBM, Onstream, KORE, Spireon, Eurotech, and Aeris. Twenty-three companies exhibited for the first time.

Any comments on how this year’s event went? Any surprises? 

It was a good event, with lots of companies anticipating going back and planning their initial deployments. The biggest surprise was how evenly the audience spread out into all our tracks.

Any changes planned for next year? 

We run the event twice a year and look to differentiate the shows over time. You should expect to see a deeper dive into analytics in Fort Lauderdale. (The next IoT Evolution Expo  event will be held January 25-28, at Greater Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.)

What are your recommendations for getting the most out of an event like IoT Evolution – as an exhibitor, speaker and as an attendee? 

Carl Ford, our CEO puts it this way:  “Events are like weddings. Everyone is there to see connections made.” While large companies often get the spotlight, everyone wants to feel appreciated and acknowledged for their participation. At IoT Evolution, we look to facilitate the connections you didn’t know were available. We emphasize the practical implementations with our Battle of the Platforms, Business Impact awards and IoT Evolution Solutions Theater.

We also encourage exhibitors and sponsors to look at integrated marketing campaigns that we help execute across our various print properties, online vehicles and our face to face events.

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