PR Vibes Moves, Adds and Changes: Post News launches, Mackenzie leaves Analysys Mason for Vodafone

Post News launches: A Twitter-like social media site has popped up virtually overnight. According to TechCrunch, “Post News is trying to capitalize on the ‘virtual watercooler for journalists’ side of Twitter. The platform describes itself as a place to access ‘premium news content without subscriptions or ads.’ News publishers and independent writers are encouraged to share their articles on Post News under a paywall. The idea is that this would allow users to pay for individual articles from a variety of news sources. It’s an alternative, or a supplement, to paying for individual subscriptions to specific news sources.”

Mackenzie leaves Analysys Mason: Michele Mackenzie (@MicheleMackenz2), longtime analyst at Analysys Mason (@AnalysysMason) covering IoT and private 5G networks is now IoT Market Research and Insights Manger at Vodafone.

Russell promoted at Business Insider: Melia Russell (@meliarobin) has been promoted to senior tech correspondent at Business Insider (@businessinsider). She writes people-centric stories about startups and venture investing.

Heuser joins Politico team: Stephen Heuser (@sfheuser) has joined Politico (@politico) as Global Tech Editor.

Protocol shutters: Protocol, the upstart technology news website launched by former Politico (@politico) owner and publisher Robert Allbritton in early 2020, has closed its doors and laid off dozens of staffers.

Kirk joins Intel 471: Cybersecurity journalist Jeremy Kirk (@jeremy_kirk) has left the ISMG group, which including, to join Intel 471, an internal cybersecurity news site, as Executive Editor, Cyber Threat Intelligence. Jeremy says, “I’ll be writing and working with media. If you’re a journalist and have questions about cybercrime, ransomware and more, we have a stable of experts who can help.”

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