Acquisition Exit Strategy: Beyond Talking Points

You’ve decided your company’s exit strategy is acquisition. Now, the key is strategically positioning your company to successfully reach that end game. Having assisted many recognizable brands through acquisition, including:

• RIM’s acquisition of TAT The Astonishing Tribe
• RIM’s acquisition of fastmobile
• Google’s acquisition of Widevine
• Lucent’s (now Alcatel-Lucent) acquisition of Telica
• Avaya’s acquisition of Ubiquity
• Cisco’s acquisition of Navini Networks
• Amdocs’ acquisition of Qpass
• Level 3′s acquisition of Broadwing
• Oracle’s acquisition of Metasolv

I’d like to share a few tips to accomplish your company’s acquisition as fast and smoothly as possible:

Deliver one focused company message every time your executives speak

Get your messages together, make them clear, strong and consistent and do it often and everywhere. Tell everyone why your company is better, faster and cheaper than the competition – using simple, easy-to-understand language [ALTERNATIVE: using language a 10-year-old could understand]. Developing clear, consistent corporate and product/ service messaging enables all company spokesperson(s) to remain “on message” and position the company in the
same manner, regardless of which executive is representing the company at any given moment. These messages should be reinforced in everything from press releases, to speeches, to blog posts.

Develop 3rd Party Champions

In most industries, research analysts track trends and publish reports on the business developments in a particularindustry segment. Many executives underestimate the role these analysts play in getting a company noticed by potential acquirers. Developing relationships with these players by conducting face-to-face or phone meetings and keeping them updated on company news can play a key role in helping your company achieve third-party validation
that can significantly increase your attractiveness to a potential partner.

Don’t allow your company to fall off the radar

In our world of PR, that means staying in front of media, analysts and other industry influencers. Whether it’s a constant stream of press releases, creating a podcast or YouTube series, offering your spokesperson(s) to press and analysts on a regular basis to discuss the latest industry trends, or getting involved directly in the conversation through social marketing avenues, the basic concept remains – don’t allow your business to become an

Establish your company and spokesperson(s) as thought leaders and innovators

Let’s face it: Your company will only be acquired if another company believes in the value yours will bring to the table. Potential buyers look for companies that drive innovation in areas where they need improvement. Two key ways to demonstrate your company’s innovation and thought leadership are by touting the awards your company receives and by having executives speak at industry events.

Originally featured on Cloud News Daily.

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