Nusca Leaves Fortune, PaymentsDive Launches, and More

Nusca Departs Fortune: After seven years, Andrew Nusca (@editorialiste) has left @FortuneMagazine to become executive editor at Morning Brew. He’ll remain based in Los Angeles. His successor as digital editor is Rachel Schallom (@rschallom) and for Brainstorm Tech concerns, the contact is Michal Lev-Ram (@mlevram).

PaymentsDive Launches: IndustryDive (@IndustryDive) has launched a new publication: PaymentsDive (@PaymentsDive). According to IndustryDive CEO and Co-Founder Sean Griffey, “It’s a dynamic topic that sits at the intersection of a number of the industries we cover, including retail, banking, grocery and more. How we view and use money is changing rapidly and our journalists will be there to cover it.”

Codebook Folds: Codebook has ceased publication, according to senior staff writer Zach Dorfman, who reported the news on Twitter. The Axios-sponsored security website shut down the first week of March after relaunching in May 2020.

Thomas Joins Protocol Staff: Owen Thomas (@owenthomas) has joined @Protocol as senior editor covering financial technology.

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