How to Maintain Momentum Post-MWC

Mobile World Congress is almost over, but the work for your sales team is just beginning. When you return to the office, it’s important to have a quick, but thorough, post mortem, discussing what worked, what didn’t, and what tweaks (or big changes) need to be made for the next event.

Follow Up Post Event

Next, each lead needs to be qualified as hot, warm or cold (or whatever scale you use) and contacted for follow up. This is where many companies miss the mark because everyone worked so hard leading up to the show and at the show that it’s natural to want to take a break for a few days.

However, it’s important to follow up with hot leads immediately, warm leads within a few days and cold leads within a week. A thank you email is appropriate, as is some sort of call to action, such as a presentation download or a free white paper on a topic presented at your booth. If you utilize a marketing automation tool like Hubspot or Eloqua, you can create a buyer’s journey for each customer and target them with appropriate content relative to their stage in the buying cycle. Based on their activity or actions, you’ll get a good idea of their interest level in your company.

Keeping the Buzz Alive

It’s time to move on, but make sure you maximize your presence by continuing the buzz from the show on social media and in your blog. Consider offering a “trends at the show” post for your blog or newsletter subscribers. Continue to use the hashtag #MWC19 for a few weeks as you share content and keynote videos from the event on social media.

These steps are a good starting point, but in the end, do the things that make the most sense for your company, and your marketing strategy and budget, with a firm eye kept on your overall business objectives.

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