How to Leverage LinkedIn Updates for Content Marketing


LinkedIn, the social networking site primarily used for professional networking has more than 277 million users in 200+ countries. Its membership grows by approximately two new members every second. Professionals have come to count on LinkedIn as the go-to destination to cultivate business connections and uncover important data about colleagues, competitors, customers and prospects. LinkedIn has also evolved into a very valuable weapon to add to your content marketing arsenal.

LinkedIn Updates are the easiest and most basic way of sharing content on LinkedIn. They work much like posting to Facebook or Twitter, you simply type what you want to say into a box, you can also add links, photos and videos for good measure.

What to post

Updates can be used to share your latest blog post, press release, article or any other piece of digital content about your organization. But, don’t include company news unless you think your audience will find true value in it.

Remember to mix it up, trying not to only include self-promotional posts. Updates can also be used to ask questions or provide expert tips that are relevant to your target audience. Consider alternating informative, inspirational, insightful and entertaining posts. You can also throw in commentary on industry news, current events and trends.

LinkedIn has reported that:
60% of members are interested in industry insights
53% are interested in company news
43% are interested in new products and services

Tip: If you enter a link into the Share an Update box, the content will automatically be populated for you. However, it’s not always best to use that pre-populated content as is. Don’t be afraid to click on the headline and description and change it to a more concise, snappy headline and description that will increase reader engagement.

Who to target

You can either share your update with all individuals that follow your company or to a specified target audience. With Targeted Status Updates, marketers have the ability to engage company followers with content that’s tailored to their personal interests.

Target updates can be filtered by:
Company size

Be sure to always include your company’s employees to be targeted, as they are likely your biggest brand advocates who are more than willing to share, like and comment on your posts, bringing you greater visibility through their professional networks.

How often to post

According to LinkedIn, 20% of followers are typically reached with one status update. Therefore, the top marketers are posting 3-4 status updates per day, per audience. You need to post at least 20 status updates per month to maximize your reach to approximately 60% or more
of your unique audience each month.

Updates posted in the morning, midday or evening tend to get more views and engagement than those posted other times throughout the busy work day.

How to encourage engagement

Be sure to engage with readers by responding to their comments, answering their questions and asking them questions about their expertise. Also including updates with a clear call to action, (e.g., like, share, visit, comment) will result in greater reader engagement.

According to a study conducted by Econsultancy, LinkedIn sends nearly four times more people to your homepage than Twitter and Facebook. When it comes to direct traffic to your main site, LinkedIn is by far the number one source of social B2B traffic. Therefore, you can’t afford not to include LinkedIn status updates as a main component of your content marketing strategy.

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