How to be a Rock Star at MWC—or Any Trade Show—Without Leaving Home

Your team is planning for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, arguably one of the biggest trade shows of the year for companies in the mobile, wireless, or IoT industries. But you’re staying back at the office while they fly off to Spain to have all the fun. Trust us, you’ve ended up with the better part of the deal, and your team really needs you to not only keep the home fires burning but also as remote support for the show.

Here are five things you can do for your team while they’re locked in their insular world inside the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona:

1) Stay active on social media. Your team is likely not going to have time to do anything on social media from the show floor, but you can help stay active on the social media front. Not sure what to post? Here are some ideas:

  • Tweet about what your company, its partners and customers are demonstrating at the show, events they’re hosting, speaking slots, parties, etc.
  • Make sure to use appropriate hashtags, such as #IoT, #mobile #wireless and #MWC19, for maximum exposure.
  • Tweet or retweet interesting facts/quotes from the keynotes and sessions as they are streaming live.
  • Follow @GSMA and retweet interesting storylines from exhibitors and attendees.

2) Classify leads immediately. Have your team send you the list of leads captured at your booth a few times a day and start classifying them immediately. When your team returns on Monday, they can start following up right away. It’s possible you’ll have hundreds—maybe thousands—of leads, so set aside time each day for classification and scoring.

3) Prepare the follow-up email from sales. Send a thank you as quickly as possible after the meeting with an image to trigger the recipient’s memory, such as a photo of the booth or a picture of the sales rep they spoke with. Trade show attendees have dozens of conversations at shows. Make sure they remember who you are and the value that your company can bring them. You can beef up your follow-up by including some sort of asset, such as a white paper or case study download.

4) Follow-up with missed appointments. Your sales team is going to have a hard time at the show breaking away and trying to contact attendees who do not show up for their scheduled meetings; they’ve likely moved on to someone who’s passing by and shows interest. Make sure your sales team alerts you quickly regarding missed appointments, and have an email ready to go out as soon as an appointment is missed asking to reschedule.

5) Provide support for last-minute tweaks. It’s hard to update items like presentations and demos from the show floor, and oftentimes even more difficult from the hotel. Offer to revise and send items like this from the office. Know the contact information for the local business office in case printed collateral needs updates.

Even though you’re not there, you are still a valuable member of the trade show team. Show your value by making your colleagues’ jobs easier.

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