5 Reasons to Outsource Your Content

Content marketing is a great way to share your messages and successes with your prospects and partners. It is also a great opportunity for search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure your content is easily found. But content marketing can also be a lot of work—the average blog, for example, takes more than three hours to write. If you’re trying to keep content flowing and publishing twice a week, that’s more than 300 hours a year spent on writing for the company blog in addition to developing topics, editing and post management. Most people don’t have that kind of extra time, and because of that, should consider looking to outsource their content writing. By outsourcing content, you can:

  1. Save a significant amount of money instead of paying a fulltime internal writer. Content marketing costs vary considerably among different types of writers, but they will always come in below what it costs to hire someone internally. Remember, you do get what you pay for. Working with a PR firm with experience and expertise in your specific subject area can help move the process along more quickly.
  2. Train a writer on your products, solutions and key messages, so that you’re getting back consistently good content that matches your overall company themes. You get back what you put into this effort, so take the time to do it right. However, never expect someone outside your company to nail 100 percent of every blog. Aim for 80 percent-90 percent and put the finishing touches—such as tone, style and in-depth technology details—on yourself.
  3. Get more voices into your blog and other content. If you’re lucky, you have several people at your company who are subject matter experts for certain topics—but that doesn’t mean they can write about them. Hiring a third-party firm to capture their thoughts, and convey them in a way that makes sense, can help bring additional voices to your blog.
  4. Scale as your writing needs grow. You might not need to outsource content right away, but eventually you may need to consider it. As your content marketing program becomes more successful and your company grows, you’ll have more keywords about which you need to write. Hiring a third party firm to tackle that new content can help you keep up.
  5. Better organize and plan for your content. When someone else is doing the writing, that leaves more time for planning your content to ensure you are providing adequate coverage to each of your subjects as well as making sure you have allocated enough resources to each stage of the marketing funnel. Building a content map or editorial calendar can help you stay organized so you can deliver on all of your key performance indicators (KPIs).

To some marketers, outsourcing content may seem strange. However, if the alternative is not writing at all (or content is always pushed to a lower priority), it’s well worth the time, effort and investment to spend. The bottom line: Outsourced content is better than content that never gets written.

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