Positioning and Messaging

Defining and documenting Positioning and Messaging is the single-most important strategic exercise your company can undertake before starting a Content Marketing program or reaching out to media and analysts through a Public Relations program. Positioning and Messaging will impact how your company is viewed and valued in the marketplace by media, analysts, customers, partners and prospects.

Calysto’s expertise in helping companies hone their Positioning and Messaging—and then sharing that message with the correct audiences—is unsurpassed in the industry. We leverage the company’s main positioning and key messages and proof points in every part of a company’s Content Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media program to ensure the company’s message is repeatedly being seen and heard.

Calysto’s Positioning and Messaging program includes development of a company’s:

  • Value Proposition(s)
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Key Messages
  • Key Market Differentiators
  • Company and Market Proof Points