Brand Publishing: Moving Beyond Content Marketing


Businesses today are discovering that content marketing only gets them so far. Content for the sake of content is basically a pointless exercise. It needs to do more. That’s why many companies are now focused not so much on simple content creation, but on brand publishing.

What is Brand Publishing?

Brand publishing is part mindset, part process, part execution. It’s a marketing strategy that recognizes how everything circles back to a company’s brand. Content must deliver and help a brand build rapport with customers. It requires thinking like a publisher and not a sales or ad rep. It focuses on the big picture of a company’s brand, and considers how all content, collateral, and communication fit into a grand defining narrative.

Storytime, All the Time

To be an effective brand publisher is to tell a compelling story. Like good literature, it includes characterization. Think of your business as the character in the story that learns and grows from challenges and opportunities, a character with whom audiences will identify and relate. Keep in mind, the storyline must be consistent. Brand publishers makes sure that the content they publish makes sense, and sticks to a natural progression from “scene to scene,” whether a scene here is   described as a corporate video for public consumption or the latest company landing page.

Only Compelling Content Need Apply

Being a brand publisher requires discipline. While it’s tempting to just drum up a steady stream of content through all the regular channels just to hit marketing plan deadlines, thoughtful brand publishing involves editing, cutting and restricting outbound content that doesn’t stick to the developing story. It’s not enough to produce content; it’s about producing contents that’s worthwhile and captivating, and able to keep customers and prospects returning for more. And it must stay on script. This means providing a cohesive message that readers and viewers will continually associate with your brand.

Crafting the Narrative

A brand’s story is told using every medium available. Likewise every available medium is telling the story, so from tweets to advertorials to business plans, content and communications considerations are critical to effective branding. Think of Facebook updates as sentences, whitepapers as chapters, etc., in the grand narrative you’re constructing. In whatever form it appears, content should be as poignant and memorable as the company’s tagline, and share the same essential message.

Brand publishing is not easy. It takes thought and effort, and constant evaluation of how content is affecting and reinforcing a company’s brand. The good news, however, is that when done effectively such content will rise above the rest and benefit your brand.

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