Calysto Thought Leadership White Paper

Now Includes Thought Leadership Case Study!


What is Thought Leadership, and what role does Marketing Communications play in developing and nurturing Thought Leaders? Some Thought Leaders are born, but can others be made?

In its newest white paper—So You Want to Be a Thought Leader—Calysto walks Thought Leader-wannabees through the elements needed to develop Thought Leadership, and lays out specific actions they can take to find success. We’ve updated the white paper to include a Thought Leadership case study based on our work with the CEO of one of our IoT clients!

In this white paper, Calysto:

  • Defines the key characteristics of Thought Leadership
  • Differentiates between Thought Leadership, Industry Leadership and Market Leadership, and defines which are for humans and which are for companies
  • Discusses how executives can be positioned through specific campaigns to elevate their status as visionaries.

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