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Vice-President – Media Relations

Entrepreneurial Style and Teamwork

Calysto has created a very unique organizational structure based on a distributed workforce architecture. Calysto has a diverse team of 20 dedicated account professionals and another 10 adjunct subject matter experts who bring their special skills to accounts as needed. In addition, Calysto has local team members in more than 80 countries around the globe.

What We Offer

Calysto’s unique organizational structure provides our employees with many benefits and advantages not found with other agencies. Calysto professionals have the flexibility of working out of their home office while still collaborating daily with colleagues. Most importantly, our stellar reputation and focus enable our professionals to work with the most interesting and exciting companies in the communications arena.


At Calysto, we feel the agency IS our people. We are all experts. Professionals. We draw from a variety of educational, journalistic and professional backgrounds to create a team with special energy. We are self-starters! We like each other, we work together well. We encourage all our team members to be risk takers. To be an integral member of the team. To be creative. To sell their own ideas and not be afraid to speak out. It makes for a fun yet professional environment. Our employees feel nurtured, independent and enabled. Our employees are smart, vibrant, loyal and committed.

The atmosphere of Calysto is informal, spirited, energetic, team oriented, nimble, passionate and easy-going. The underlining themes of people, mutual respect and support have allowed us to build an organization where hard work, strategic planning, creativity and ideas outside the box pulse through our veins and make us who we are.