While you can take our word on Calysto’s performance excellence in the real world, we suspect the testimony of our clients will truly show you why you should work with Calysto:

Customer Testimonials

“Calysto really understood our goals for the launch into these markets and crafted a strategy that truly hit it out of the park in terms of media coverage. Thanks to the coverage Calysto has delivered, we’re already receiving significant interest from enterprises in the region who want to learn more about Everstream.”
– Sarah Mugford, CMO, Everstream

“The media coverage that Calysto Communications secures for RACO Wireless drives a significant percentage of our new business leads – and our sales grew 300% in 2011. Thanks to Calysto’s efficiency and its ROI-based approach to PR, our public relations investment has paid for itself many times over.”
– John Horn, president of RACO Wireless

“When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan last year, Calysto really proved its value with its ability to react quickly and effectively. Calysto was able to ramp up our PR efforts almost immediately so we could help our clients raise money for the victims via mobile. In fact, the first coverage Calysto secured for us was posted just hours after the earthquake struck. Thanks to Calysto’s PR efforts, the mobile fundraising campaigns of our partners received coverage on Web sites reaching more than 702 million unique visitors and in publications with around 3 million readers in just four days – including stories in Forbes, MSNBC and Inside Dateline. As a result, traffic on our website, www.mgivefoundation.orgincreased more than tenfold, with 28,314 visits in March compared to just 2,906 total visits in February.”
– Jenifer Snyder, executive director, The mGive Foundation

“Calysto’s people are clearly specialists who know what they are doing. The Calysto team has proven to be easy to work with, very helpful, and energetic and enthusiastic in pursuing the client’s interests.”
– Pete Westafer, Director of Marketing, Hitachi Telecom

“No other public relations firm serving the communications industry can match the relationships that Calysto has developed with influential editors, reporters, analysts and conference organizers. It’s these relationships, combined with Calysto’s experience, talent and savvy, that enable the company to uncover more opportunities and generate meaningful results with a frequency and impact that can’t be delivered by other public relations firms. If you’re a public relations professional looking for a premium level of public relations support without paying a premium, you owe it to yourself and to your company to give Calysto strong consideration.”
– Paul Lonnegren, Former Director of Public Relations, Level 3

“I hire an agency, not only for its communications expertise, but for its relationships. I want to know that when they reach out to editors and analysts on behalf of my company, their calls will be answered and I’ll get the exposure and coverage I need to be competitive. Calysto was the perfect combination of public relations relationships, industry focus and communications expertise; they catapulted us from a company that was ‘presumed dead’ to one of the top three in awareness and coverage.”
– Mark Whittier, Former Vice President of Marketing, VocalData

“Working with Calysto was highly beneficial to our public relations program, as the agency has deep relationships with our target media a broad knowledge of the telecom industry.”
– Heather Oliver, Former Director of Marketing Communications for North America, Equant

“We selected Calysto for their experience and expertise in the telecommunication field. We needed a public relations firm that was focused on the market we target. Calysto’s knowledge of the technologies, vendors, analysts, and media helped us clarify our messaging and make sure that it was heard.”
– Scott Blanksteen, Former Director of Marketing, Qpass

“Calysto defines ‘responsive.’ The entire team has always been instantly available to my every need. Their team’s focus on our industry leads directly to superb access to top-tier editors and analysts, so I get exactly what I want: far more than my fair share of coverage.”
– Greg Colandrea, Former Director of Marketing, Ceterus Networks

“Calysto’s team of public relations professionals is highly skilled at helping us find the news hook in every announcement we make. I’m always impressed by their ability to ask the tough questions – it really illustrates their knowledge of our business and this industry.”
– Everett Brooks, Former Director of Market Development, ADTRAN

Media and Analyst Testimonials

“I have known and respected the people at Calysto for many years. As a result, when I get a company pitch from Calysto, I make sure I pay attention – I know they will not waste my time.”
– Matthew L. Hoffman, Senior Vice President/Wireless Equipment Analyst, Cowan & Company

“When I get an email pitch from Calysto, I open it and read it because I know they won’t waste my time sending me a bunch of PR fluff.”
– Dan Meyer, Executive Editor at SDxCentral

“I usually don’t write testimonials for PR firms. But the other day I got an email from Calysto, I opened it, read it, and was attacked by a grizzly bear. I was in the forest cooking sausages over a camp fire at the time, so I don’t think the email directly relates to the attack. But it’s a pretty good story. I mean, that bear was, like, 9-feet tall.”
– Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

“The professionals at Calysto know what I cover and are careful to only pitch appropriate clients and stories to me. They’ve helped me meet short deadlines many times by quickly supplying information I needed and coordinating interviews per my schedule. I know I can always depend on Calysto.”
– 20-year journalist covering wireless communications

“Many PR agencies don’t even know what beat I cover. Calysto not only knows my beat, they also understand what topics are hot in the industry and what I might be interested in writing about in the future.”
– Adam Guy, former Vice President, Client Services, COMPETE!

“Calysto knows their industry and their clients. Unlike some other agencies, they do not need educating. Calysto facilitates and positions its clients, but let the clients do the talking. If only more agencies did the same…”
– Iain Gillott, Founder, iGR

“When Calysto introduces me to a client, their client is prepared and the information relevant to my areas of coverage. They don’t waste my time.”
– Bob Egan, CEO, Sepharim Group

“Calysto has done a great job of focusing on IP and lining up a solid roster of clients in this space. If you’re looking to quickly build IP mindshare in a crowded market, Calysto can really help make that happen.”
– Jon Arnold, Principal, J Arnold & Associates