Exit Strategies

Looking for a strategic exit?

You’ve built a strong and successful business. Now it’s time for your investors, staff and management to reap the rewards.

Calysto can help your company get noticed. And get acquired…or go public. Here’s how:

The Program: Calysto’s “Fast Exit” Program is designed to raise your company’s visibility using both traditional PR and social media techniques.

The Execution: We sharpen your company’s messages. Differentiate your products. And develop “champions” for your company by leveraging our relationships with media, bloggers and research analysts. The bottom line: We position you as a market leader.

The Timeframe: 12 to 24 months. (We once did it in 6 months!)

The Results: Calysto’s “Fast Exit” Program has helped more than 20 companies get successfully acquired. We’ve helped others increase their valuation (within the confines of SEC requirements) while preparing for an IPO.

Some of the most recognizable Calysto client acquisitions have been:

  1. Intel’s acquisition of Aepona
  2. RIM’s acquisition of TAT The Astonishing Tribe
  3. RIM’s acquisition of fastmobile
  4. Google’s acquisition of Widevine
  5. Lucent’s (now Alcatel-Lucent) acquisition of Telica
  6. Avaya’s acquisition of Ubiquity
  7. Cisco’s acquisition of Navini Networks
  8. Amdocs’ acquisition of Qpass
  9. Level 3’s acquisition of Broadwing
  10. Oracle’s acquisition of Metasolv

The Calysto “Fast Exit” Specialists:

  1. Laura Borgstede
  2. Kristine Bennett
  3. Alan Gilbert
  4. Brian Dolby
  5. Danielle Matthews
  6. Lois Mentrup
  7. Justine Schneider
  8. Kristen Keller
  9. Marisa Marzano