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Calysto Introduces ROIPlus: Q&A with Laura Borgstede and Charul Vyas

Dec 8, 2014

Calysto recently introduced ROIPlus, a new business analytics tool for marketers. We talked to CEO Laura Borgstede and Chief Strategist Charul Vyas to explore the thinking behind ROIPlus and what it means for the marketing industry.

Score One for the Home Team

Oct 22, 2014

We talk a lot about helping our clients craft winning awards submissions and yes, we’re pretty darn good at it. However, the reality is it’s oftentimes the strength of the product itself that makes an award submission really stand out—if you tell the story in a compelling fashion. That’s why we’re especially proud of our latest awards nod: Calysto has been named as a finalist for The Stevie Awards for Women in Business for an integrated campaign we designed and implemented for a client. It’s our fifth such achievement in the past four years.

By Sue O'Keefe

Is Your Website Content-Optimized? This Seven-Step Audit Can Get You Ready

Oct 16, 2014

Content auditing is the first step to creating a solid content marketing plan. Content auditing focuses on measuring the current content on a website and determining how effectively it is doing its job. Content audits aren’t difficult, but there’s likely going to be a lot of details to keep straight, so organization is critical. This seven-step program provides the guidelines you need to get started.

By Tamara Franklin

The Science Behind Visual Content

Oct 2, 2014

Throughout history, images have been central to man’s development, as can be understood through cave paintings, for example. As the old adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” While this may seem cliché today, Confucius knew it thousands of years ago and it still holds true, perhaps now more than ever before.

By Tamara Franklin

Four Things You Should Be Doing Now on Google+

Sep 24, 2014

You’ve probably heard the same stories I have: Google+ is a ghost town, the brainchild of Plus has left Google, so it’s being shut down, etc. It’s true, Google+ is no Facebook. But do we really need another place for viewing everyone’s perfect life, with their perfect children and perfect job? As a B2B marketer, that’s not the main place I’m looking when it comes to promoting brands and cultivating thought leadership.

But hold on. What if you could help your company’s SEO cause, build overall social media credibility, learn about your customers and do it on a platform that is Ad-free? Would you do it?

By Sue O'Keefe

Nine Things You Need to Know About Explainer Videos

Sep 17, 2014

An explainer video is a short video that explains what your product or service does and why people should buy it. Instead of forcing prospects or customers to search through pages of text for answers, explainer videos offer a more engaging way to increase brand awareness, bring in more leads and close more sales. If you’re thinking about creating an explainer video for your company, here’s what you need to know.

By Tamara Franklin

Six Quick Tips to Becoming an Award-Winning Company

Sep 5, 2014

Your biggest trade show of the year is here, but when the product and solutions awards are announced, your company is nowhere to be found. Ironically, your biggest competitor has to figure out how to get two enormous trophies and plaques back to headquarters without breaking them. What do they know that you don’t?

By Sue O'Keefe

SlideShare: Six Tips to Maximize Your Presence

Aug 20, 2014

PowerPoints have been around in the marketing world forever as a way for companies to creatively share information with partners, customers and prospects, as well as the media and analyst community. Problem is, when people head into a meeting where a PowerPoint is involved, they might be thinking “nap time” because many presentations either turn into information free-for-alls or regurgitation of the presenter’s speech.

So when I saw my first really good SlideShare a few years ago, I immediately wondered why more B2B marketers aren’t using this amazing—and cheap!—tool to showcase their content and show thought leadership.

By Sue O'Keefe

Repurposing Content: Let Me Count the Ways

Aug 7, 2014

Although you might not know it, I’m recycling right now. Yep, guilty as charged: I’m taking one section of a blog post written by my boss several months ago and repurposing it here. And I’ll do it again and again and again. In fact, I’m going to take the same basic concept and package it differently for an industry publication as soon as I finish this blog post.

By Sue O'Keefe

Beginning with Content (Alpha), Ending with Analysis (Omega)

Jul 29, 2014

We have been called a “hybrid” agency. Our mission is to build awareness for our clients. Our mantra is “Repurpose. Repurpose. Repurpose.”

By Laura Borgstede