GDPR is Here – What is Your Company’s Angle?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the E.U. and U.K. has stirred up anxiety—and a growing number of questions—from communicators around the world.

GDPR means more to companies than just ensuring technology systems and marketing processes are equipped for compliance.

It’s also about determining your company’s GDPR message for your internal and external audiences, communicating that message through effective storytelling, developing Thought Leadership for your executives about their unique perspective on GDPR, and having a Crisis Communications plan in place if your GDPR compliance is challenged.

Calysto helps companies capitalize on the GDPR requirements through three key PR and marketing communications programs:

  • GDPR Storytelling: Calysto will help companies strategically map out their GDPR story and messages. The agency will do this both for companies who do not directly have a product or service that helps with GDPR compliance and those that do.
  • Crisis Communications: Calysto has won several awards for Crisis Communications and will help companies develop or modify their company’s immediate response to a GDPR crisis. This plan will help companies outline specific scenarios that could happen and how to address each.
  • Communicating your GDPR story to internal and external audiences: Calysto will also help companies create and communicate their GDPR message to employees and other internal stakeholders, as well as to media, analysts, customers, partners and other external audiences.

As the leading technology PR firm for mobile, wireless, telecom, IT and IoT, Calysto is uniquely positioned to help you develop your GDPR communications and PR action plan. Let us help you prepare for one of the biggest changes to marketing this century!

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