Taoglas Taps Calysto to Boost Global Brand Awareness

ATLANTA – December 1, 2016 – Calysto, a global marketing communications agency that specializes in raising awareness through content marketing, public relations and social media for the mobile, wireless, telecom, IT and IoT industries, today announced that it was selected to manage the public relations strategy and activity of Taoglas, an international provider of antenna and RF solutions for a wide range of connected products.

Calysto is tasked with increasing Taoglas’ brand awareness and positioning the company as the leader in antenna and RF solutions in all emerging LTE, 5G and industrial IoT categories. This will be accomplished through strategic media relations, analyst relations, content and social media marketing.

“The world of antenna design is fast-paced and aggressive,” said Dermot O’Shea, Co-Founder and Joint CEO for Taoglas. “We needed an agency that could keep up. We chose Calysto because they are out in front of the trends, they know the insiders and they know how to reach them. We’re excited to witness the impending growth of our organization as a result of this new partnership.”

“What sets Taoglas apart is its customer-centric approach. Not only do they provide top notch technology, but they hire the best people, with the best communication skills, and build top-of-the-line facilities, all in an effort to provide the best customer experience possible,” said Laura Borgstede, CEO of Calysto Communications. “Taoglas’ customers are within the automotive, medical, IoT/M2M, telematics, and smart grid sectors, among others. Calysto is in a unique position to reach these audiences through nearly 18 years of building relationships with key media and influencers in these industries.”

About Calysto Communications
Calysto is a global marketing communications agency that specializes in raising awareness through content marketing, public relations and social media for mobile, wireless, telecom, IT and IoT technologies. Founded in 1999, Calysto has focused solely on the telecom and mobile realms, providing experienced, senior-level experts to lead our clients’ communications efforts. Our unique three-pronged approach — content, PR and social media — drives awareness of our clients and establishes them as thought leaders in their respective sectors. Visit us at www.calysto.com.

About Taoglas
Taoglas provides advanced antenna and RF solutions to the world’s leading wireless and Internet of Things (IoT) companies. With five world-class design, support and test centers in Ireland, Germany, Taiwan and the USA, Taoglas works with its customers to provide the best solution for their unique antenna and RF challenges, quickly and easily. In-house manufacturing in Taiwan and USA enable us to deliver the highest quality products. Our team of professionals live and breathe RF solutions, with expertise and experience across different wireless and IoT use cases, from LTE to GNSS, DSRC, and NFC and beyond to 5G. This expertise is proven in the huge number of success stories across a variety of applications, including Telematics, Automotive, Metering, Smart Grid, Wearables, Medical Devices, Remote Monitoring, and High-Speed Video Broadcasting. For more information, visit www.taoglas.com.

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