Calysto Launches GDPR Handbook for Marketers and PR Professionals

ATLANTA – (May 23, 2018) – Calysto Communications, a global marketing communications agency specializing in raising awareness for the mobile, wireless, telecom, IT and IoT industries, today announced the availability of its in-depth Handbook—“GDPR: What is the Role of PR?”—to help technology-based B2B companies prepare for the public relations and marcom side of the General Data Protection Regulation.

GDPR has been called the biggest change to data privacy regulations in the past 20 years. While many companies are working on complying with the mandate, which impacts every company with users or customers in the European Union (EU), including the UK, they may be overlooking the public relations aspect of GDPR. Key PR opportunities and requirements include:

  • Discovering and telling your GDPR story and developing key messages around privacy
  • Developing or modifying your company’s Crisis Communications Plan to specifically address GDPR
  • Communicating your GDPR story to both internal and external audiences

“While companies are grappling with the intricacies of GDPR compliance from the systems, processes and legal perspectives, many are forgetting the role public relations can play within their ongoing readiness process,” said Calysto CEO Laura Borgstede. “A multitude of agencies and other marketing experts have led tutorials on how marketing will be affected. However, our exclusive Handbook will help companies take a leadership role in developing and telling their GDPR story to internal and external audiences. It also includes a detailed look at Crisis Communications specifically within this new GDPR landscape. Every company with customers in the EU will be better armed for the opportunities surrounding these coming changes by reading this Handbook.”

To learn more about how companies can make the most of their public relations opportunities and requirements in GDPR or to request a copy of Calysto’s new “GDPR: What Is the Role of PR?” Handbook, visit the marketplace, and create award-winning programs that help them achieve their business and marketing goals. Learn more about Calysto at

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