Calysto Communications Strategically Aligns Business Plans with Marketing Results Through New Strategic Business Framework™ Service Offering

New suite of services helps companies stand out in their target markets by effectively developing and communicating their value proposition, strategic market positioning and key messaging 

ATLANTA – (August 23, 2017) – Calysto Communications, a global marketing communications agency specializing in raising awareness for the mobile, wireless, telecom, IT and IoT industries, today launched a new executive-level service offering, christened the Strategic Business Framework™. This critical service identifies the fundamental value proposition, strategic positioning and key messages for a company for all its audiences, including customers, investors, partners, employees, potential buyers, analysts and media. 

Establishing who a company is and effectively communicating that strategic positioning is key to its success. With a methodology built from years of marketing best practices and client input, Calysto’s Strategic Business Framework™ includes the most significant deliverables that define a company’s value to the market. The framework outlines who a company is, what it stands for, how it’s different, and how it is going to market. These services are typically offered from the likes of Accenture, PWC, Deloitte, or the industry analysis firms such as Gartner, IDC, Forrester as well as boutique firms and individual consultants.

The “Strategic Business Framework” is primarily made up of three key elements:

  1. Value Proposition – The overarching promise of a company, and its products and services, to its intended market. Its vision and mission. The value proposition helps make your company or product attractive to customers.
  2. Strategic Positioning – The market positioning strategy is the specific role of the company in the market, and how its products and solutions support that role.
  3. Key Messaging – The core narratives that engage your target audiences over time while evolving with the company’s positioning. Key messages should be for the company’s customers and/or its products, supported by both qualitative and quantitative proof.

“Many companies struggle to stand out because their value proposition, strategic positioning and key messaging don’t really differentiate them in any way,” said Laura Borgstede, Calysto’s CEO.

“Calysto has always been much more than a PR agency. We are a trusted adviser to companies as they look to make a name for themselves in today’s crowded marketplace. Our new service, the Strategic Business Framework, is a natural extension to our Content Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media offerings, helping the C-suite align its business plans and strategies with targeted marketing efforts. Because this foundation is so vital, we’re pleased to offer a comprehensive collection of services to address it, while delivering a return on investment significantly higher than our competitors.” 

For more information, visit or download the blueprint for how to Develop a Winning Strategic Business Framework.

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