Calysto Communications Emerges as the #1 Agency for the M2M/IoT Industry

ATLANTA–July 27, 2015–Calysto Communications (, a global marketing communications agency that specializes in raising awareness through content marketing, public relations and social media for the mobile, wireless, telecom, IT and IoT industries, today cemented its position as the leading marketing communications and public relations agency in the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications marketplace. Increasing the value of M2M/IoT businesses by raising awareness with the media and influencers that matter, Calysto brings strength to this industry with its experience, the launch of a new microsite, The IoT Marketer, and the co-development of The IoT Universe with James Brehm & Associates, the leading M2M/IoT consulting and market intelligence firm. The IoT Marketer will serve as the foremost industry resource for marketers in the IoT and M2M communications industry, while The IoT Universewill help define a cluttered ecosystem. 

“Calysto knows M2M/IoT and has been serving companies in this market since its inception,” said Calysto CEO Laura Borgstede. “It’s a growing industry, and one ripe for consolidation. Calysto has successfully positioned M2M/IoT companies from launch all the way through to acquisition, and our all senior-level team can hit the ground running with any M2M/IoT company. The IoT Marketer is a valuable new resource that educates M2M/IoT companies on how to differentiate themselves in this dynamic market, and demonstrates our commitment to helping our clients and the M2M/IoT industry as a whole to find marketing success.” 

Calysto has been involved in M2M since the early 2000s, but its strategy blossomed when it became the agency of record for RacoWireless in 2011. RacoWireless hired Calysto to establish the company as a market and thought leader in M2M, and former President John Horn as the primary evangelist on M2M/IoT as the market expanded. When Raco was acquired by KORE Telematics earlier this year, it was one of the best-known brands in the M2M/IoT industry. 

“Calysto helped position RacoWireless as a leading company in the M2M/IoT space, and really put us on the map in terms of developing lasting relationships with the media and analysts that influence this market,” said Horn, now CEO of On-Ramp Wireless. “Their teams of M2M/IoT experts understood the company’s business goals and helped map a flexible program that grew as we did, all the way from launch to acquisition.” 

In addition to RacoWireless, additional M2M/IoT clients include Inmarsat (satellite connectivity), Logisense (rating and billing software), Laird Technologies (telematics & wireless M2M), Spireon (telematics), Globecomm (global communications systems), Excelacom (OSS, consulting) and others. 

To further share its expertise, Calysto is collaborating with M2M/IoT analyst firm James Brehm and Associates on The IoT Universe, an industry guide that identifies 20+ industry categories across M2M/IoT industries and positions companies within that living ecosystem. 

“Partnering with Calysto was a no-brainer,” said James Brehm, founder and chief technology evangelist. “They have a wealth of experience working with clients within the IoT industry, and have emerged as a go-to resource for IoT information, trade shows and influencers.” When launched at CTIA, The IoT Universe will cooperatively reside on both Calysto’s The IoT Marketer microsite and James Brehm & Associates site. It will be a living document. 

Calysto and James Brehm & Associates will soon be launching a formal call for participation to M2M/IoT companies for inclusion in the first IoT Universe. Companies wishing to be alerted when the call for participation is opened should contact Calysto. 

About Calysto Communications

Calysto ( is a global marketing communications agency that specializes in raising awareness through content marketing, public relations and social media for mobile, wireless, telecom, IT and IoT technologies. Founded in 1999, Calysto has focused solely on the telecom and mobile realms, providing experienced, senior-level experts to lead our clients’ communications efforts. Our unique three-pronged approach — content, PR and social media — drives awareness of our clients and establishes them as thought leaders in their respective sectors.

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