Widevine: Using Public Relations to Position for a Successful Exit



To increase valuation of the company for a successful exit.

Marketing Goal

Leverage a creative content strategy to build company’s status as a thought leader and attract potential customers and acquirers.


Differentiated Widevine products and positioned executives as thought leaders by:

  • Developing new messaging clearly defining Widevine’s market position and its unique positioning.     
  • Creating a list of more than 200 media targets – then focusing on 20-30 top media and analysts that Calysto heavily targeted when news was released (through pre-pitching and embargos).
  • Positioning Widevine’s CEO as a “go to” source.
  • Developing several trend pitches covering hot industry topics, such as over-the-top (OTT) video delivery, mobile video and digital rights management.
  • Developing a “Did You Know” campaign (short, to-the-point communications) discussing company news and industry trends, creating dramatically increased awareness.
  • Securing speaking keynotes and panel opportunities for Widevine at leading tradeshows.


Due to its strong relationships with communications media, Calysto hit the ground running and secured coverage for the company within 30 days after being hired. Results included:

  • Took Widevine from virtually no coverage to around 35 or more hits per month in publications like Light Reading, San Jose Mercury News and the Los Angeles Times.
  • Widevine was recognized as a “major player”/leader in the video/OTT space by respected industry players, such as ACG Research Group and Parks Associates.
  • Reporters began calling to ask to speak to the Widevine CEO for their stories – Calysto had so many requests for interviews that it was difficult to get every request on the CEO’s schedule.
  • Widevine executives were invited to speak at the 13th International Exhibition and CSTB Conference in Russia as well as the CONNECTIONS and OTTcon conferences.

Just 12 months after hiring Calysto, Widevine was acquired by Google.

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