Syntonic: From Unknown to Media Darling in 36 Hours


Start-up Syntonic developed the Connected Services Platform for coupling applications with 3G/4G connectivity. This innovative service platform empowers the mobile value chain with a new means to capture customer value based on content consumption, not MB data usage. 


Syntonic needed to launch its Sponsored Content StoreSM to attract beta testers and potential customers/partners quickly. The audience: Mobile application developers, wireless carriers and manufacturers – as well as consumers.  The timeline was tight—two weeks, which included securing press release approval from a Fortune 500 partner.


In less than two weeks, Calysto:

  • Drafted the press release
  • Secured approval of release from Syntonic partner AT&T
  • Created messaging/Q&A
  • Trained spokespeople to speak with the media
  • Developed a custom media list
  • Drafted pitch
  • Pitched media

Strategy: Calysto strategically launched the Syntonic news by:

  1. Pre-pitching select media under embargo
  2. Highlighting Syntonic’s relationship with AT&T
  3. Specifically targeting media who had covered AT&T’s sponsored content plans before


The program generated coverage in more than 20 original articles, reaching hundreds of thousands of readers in just days. Coverage included:

The program also attracted 800 beta testers in 36 hours, and more than 1,000 consumers and potential partners/customers directly clicked on the links located in the online media coverage of the announcement to sign up as beta testers.

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