Metrico Wireless: Maximizing Coverage Through “Trendjacking”

Business Goal

To drive sales.

Marketing Goal

Using public relations to expand Metrico Wireless’ visibility and brand recognition.


By finding a good news hook – and piggybacking on that news through “trendjacking.”

  • When Verizon Wireless made the iPhone available on its network, Calysto set out to help Metrico get coverage by answering the one question that was on every reporter’s mind: “Does the iPhone really perform better on the Verizon network than it does on the AT&T network?”
  • With Calysto’s guidance, Metrico created an easy-to-read, conclusion-focused special report comparing the performance of the iPhone on the AT&T Wireless network versus the Verizon Wireless network – and released it just after the Verizon iPhone became available.
  • This allowed Metrico to piggyback onto the iPhone news buzz to attract the attention of mainstream media.
  • To increase Metrico’s chances of securing coverage in mainstream publications, Calysto offered the information under embargo to key publications like the Associated Press, creating syndicated coverage.


  • The release generated more than 300 hits within 24 hours, reaching more than 510 million subscribers and/or unique monthly visitors.
  • The coverage of the study resulted in a traffic spike on the Metrico website – just 16 hours after the release was posted, more than 600 people had clicked onto the website directly from stories in,, and Gizmodo.
  • More than 30 tweets and retweets discussing Metrico’s data were sent within just a few days following the announcement.
  • Within 24 hours after the announcement was released, Metrico received 10 new business leads from Tier 1 customers.