iBasis: Increasing Sales and Brand Awareness Through Savvy Social Media

iBasis is one of the largest carriers of international voice traffic in the world and a global leader in VoIP. The company is a wholesale subsidiary of Royal KPN N.V., the national carrier of the Netherlands.


iBasis wanted to increase traffic to its website with the goal of expanding its sales to operators in the mobile industry. At the same time, the company wanted to increase brand awareness in the LTE/VoLTE industry, and position iBasis company executives as thought leaders and subject matter experts.


Calysto first completed an in-depth social media and content marketing audit for iBasis. It quickly found that the company had a virtual gold mine of content – in the form of white papers, bylined articles, presentations and other materials – that could be repurposed in “chunks” for social media. To keep costs low, iBasis wanted a targeted social media program, so Calysto suggested building brand awareness by increasing the company’s activity on Twitter and LinkedIn. Calysto also suggested creating a microsite that showcased thought leadership in LTE/VoLTE. To achieve these goals, Calysto:

  • Developed and executed a social media/content marketing plan that outlined how to leverage the existing iBasis content across multiple social media channels
  • Created a list of recommended new content based on LTE/VoLTE-related topics that were trending in the industry
  • Managed all aspects of the microsite’s development, from website hosting and database integration to Google Analytics tracking
  • Created and managed the iBasis Twitter account from its beginning
  • Boosted the number of LinkedIn updates to 96 total over three months
  • Posted 292 Twitter updates over three months, complete with links designed to drive traffic to the iBasis microsite
  • Implemented strategies designed to increase engagement on the iBasis LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, including using popular hashtags as well as identifying key influencers and LinkedIn groups to target


  • Twitter and LinkedIn became two of the top traffic drivers to the iBasis website, resulting in 3,510 additional page views by more than 1,000 unique viewers representing 88 countries – with more than 60% of those viewers being new visitors
  • Attracted more than 60 Twitter followers (from a starting point of 0) that resulted in 385 message clicks, with the number of followers continuing to grow daily
  • Achieved more than 700 LinkedIn interactions (clicks, likes or comments), and 109,000 impressions, and attracted 210 new LinkedIn followers

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