Broadsoft: Positioning and Messaging to Become a Category Leader


Situation: Broadsoft was winning customers competitively but not being positioned correctly in the media and in analyst reports such as the Gartner Magic Quadrant

Marketing Goal: To be declared the “market leader” in its market within VoIP (now called Unified Communications)

Strategies & Tactics:

  • Assessed all existing external communications
  • Conducted primary research by speaking with media and analysts and garnering industry perceptions of BroadSoft and its competitors
  • Developed a comprehensive Analyst Strategy focused on reaching the top 10 analyst firms
  • Conducted an audit of the top 10 analysts to determine how each one evaluated VoIP market leaders – and which company they perceived as the market leader
  • Created a criteria matrix, identifying how each analyst firm defined leadership (e.g. number of lines shipped, quality/quantity of customers, strategic partnerships, product innovation, etc.)
  • Calysto worked with BroadSoft to clearly define the company’s new Strategic Position, key messaging and proof points based on each of these leadership metrics
  • Developed an individual six-month plan-of-attack for each Analyst and Media target, which included regular updates on company milestones and a Newsjacking Strategy where Calysto would contact analysts when BroadSoft competitors made announcements to provide BroadSoft’s take on the news
  • Introduced BroadSoft’s Strategic Position as a new category to the press and analysts. Differentiated BroadSoft from competitors by consistently communicating unique value propositions to each of 5 audiences
  • Conducted a press and analyst tour along with repeated in-person tradeshow interviews and phone interviews (repeatedly)
  • Conducted (at least) quarterly analyst interviews to repeat Strategic Position and encourage category development as well as hammer home the proof points
  • Conducted monthly communications with all reporters to repeat Strategic Position and category
  • Conducted a weekly “Did You Know” campaign
  • Distributed bi-monthly press releases with customer announcements supporting the Key Messages with proof points
  • Customized each interview based on what the journalist or analyst “counted” to measure Market Leadership
  • Encouraged reporters to quote “Champion” analysts who declared BroadSoft the Market Leader

Results: Due to Calysto’s efforts, top-tier industry analysts quickly began to publicly refer to BroadSoft as the VoIP Market Leader in Application Servers in their reports and briefings:

  • BroadSoft was named a “market leader” by the research firm Current Analysis
  • Analyst firm Gartner developed a newmagic quadrant” in the VoIP application server space, featuring BroadSoft as the market leader
  • BroadSoft was honored by Frost & Sullivan as having the VoIP Technology of the Year
  • Other firms followed suit by naming Broadsoft The Market Leader in its category
  • Increased press coverage including naming the application server space as its own category. Reported as Market Leaders
  • Positioned CMO Scott Wharton as an industry Thought Leader
  • Scott became a “source” of inbound” inquiries
  • Ultimately acquired by Cisco for $1.9B in February 2018

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