Broadsoft: Analyst Campaign to Position a VoIP Leader

BroadSoft is the global leader in VoIP services and applications, and is the backbone of more than 500 telecommunications service providers’ networks. Broadsoft empowers them to deliver enhanced and personalized communications and entertainment services to businesses and residential subscribers.


Broadsoft’s challenge was twofold: The company needed to drive its value in anticipation of a future exit. In addition, the company wanted to be considered the “market leader” in the VoIP application server market.


Calysto leveraged a strategic plan that included content services and public relations to:

  • Develop a comprehensive attack strategy focused on reaching the top 10 analyst firms.
  • Conduct an audit of the top 10 analysts to determine how each one evaluated VoIP market leaders – and which company they perceived as the market leader.
  • Create a criteria matrix, identifying how each analyst firm defined leadership (e.g., number of lines shipped, quality/quantity of customers, strategic partnerships, product innovation, etc.).
  • Work with BroadSoft to clearly define the company’s messaging based on each of these leadership metrics.
  • Develop an individual six-month plan-of-attack for each analyst target, which included regular updates on company milestones and a newsjacking strategy where Calysto would contact analysts when BroadSoft competitors made announcements to provide BroadSoft’s take on the news.


Due to Calysto’s efforts, top-tier industry analysts quickly began to publicly refer to BroadSoft as a VoIP market leader in their reports and client meetings:

  • BroadSoft was named a “market leader” by the research firm Current Analysis.
  • Analyst firm Gartner developed a new “magic quadrant” in the VoIP application server space, featuring BroadSoft as a leader.
  • BroadSoft was honored by Frost & Sullivan as having the VoIP Technology of the Year.

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