Allot: Transforming Technical Content into Thought Leadership

Business Goal

To drive sales in the mobile market.

Marketing Goal

To create thought leadership by turning Allot’s not-so-sexy “bandwidth management” and “deep packet inspection” story into one that would capture the attention of all media, including mainstream and mobile.


  • Positioned Allot’s technical story as a trend story by helping the company develop and promote a quantitative study on international mobile broadband usage, called MobileTrends:
  • Developed a one-page Executive Summary that made it easy to pull out the most noteworthy findings.
  • Helped Allot organize the information based on regional trends to maximize its international appeal
  • Pre-pitched the study to build the buzz and offered exclusive “day of” coverage to a reporter for The New York Times and GigaOM that Calysto knew well.
  • Ensured data was presented in a “user-friendly” format, complete with graphics.
  • Included a “conclusion” in the report that many reports used as the main theme of their story.


  • Allot reached 2,857 people in the United States for every dollar spent (just $7,000 was spent on the entire campaign) – and many thousands more globally.
  • Secured nearly 20 million U.S. media impressions alone, with significant business coverage – including coverage in the online version of the New York Times and as well as in key mobile publications.
  • Potential customers downloaded more than 600 copies of the report from the website within 6 months of its release.
  • Industry players began calling Allot a thought leader in both market share and technological innovation.
  • Subsequent MobileTrends reports have received similar – or even better – coverage results, and data and graphics from the reports are featured in Allot’s social media outlets as well.