ROIPlus™ turns intelligence into action. ROIPlus™ gives CMOs and other marketing executives the power to make knowledge-driven decisions on marketing-related activities, priorities and spend. Our customizable models have been developed to help you better understand the impact of your marketing activities, and tie them back to KPIs and key corporate metrics.

We deliver a broad set of analytics to track and measure the impact marketing is having on your overall business. Using ROIPlus™, marketers can weigh the success of each campaign against key performance indicators (KPIs) or other key corporate metrics, and optimize activities based on real data.

Calysto understands that your company is unique, and that your goals change over time.  Therefore, each of our models is customized for the individual client, and is determined by your corporate priorities.  We work closely with clients to monitor engagement and performance, and determine the implications of your efforts over time. 

With ROIPlus™, clients can

  • Compare share of voice to key competitors
  • Evaluate the value of awareness gained over time
  • Quickly see campaigns and progress for easier analysis
  • Take a deep drive into content, social and digital activities and engagement
  • Quantify lead and revenue generation
  • Track ROI and KPIs

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