PR Vibes Q&A: RTInsights Editor in Chief Sal Salamone

With a goal of helping to advance the field of real-time insights and the massive digital transformation and innovation across many market sectors, RTInsights has emerged as a leading publication for IoT, real-time analytics and the Big Data ecosystem. Calysto interviewed new Editor in Chief Sal Salamone what’s hot now and what he’s looking for from vendors.

You recently joined RTInsights. What did you see that made you want to join the company?

I was introduced to RTInsights via a friend of a friend. I did a few freelance projects. I loved the subject matter and the people here. When an opportunity came along to do more, I was happy to take on the work.

Innovation in the technology space is moving so quickly. How has RTInsights evolved over the past few years to keep pace?

We’ve done a few things. To start, we’ve added more content from a broader range of experts in real-time analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, big data, and cognitive computing. Second, we’ve gathered a group of experts into what we call our Brain Trust. They write articles for us, and we survey them when new industry topics emerge. Additionally, we’ve launched resource centers, including ones on edge computing and continuous intelligence.

Who is the publication’s target audience?

CxOs, operations executives, IT professionals, and decision-makers.

What do you think is the most impactful thing happening in the real-time technology space right now?

I am very interested in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning with real-time technologies in decision support and decision automation systems.

We’re starting to see some exciting use cases emerge for IoT. What do you find the most interesting?

Some interesting examples (to me) are the use of IoT and real-time analytics for predictive maintenance, logistics and supply chains, and smart spaces (buildings, roadways, lobbies, elevators, and more).

IoT and AI are clearly hot button topics for your readers. What other themes can we expect to hear about in the coming months?

There are so many areas that are exciting, including AIOps, digital twins, chatbots, and robotic process automation.

Are there any new elements to the publication that you’re planning?

We’re beginning some podcast series and exploring virtual events (things that go beyond a single webcast to give the attendee more of a virtual conference experience).

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