What to Expect in 2014: 100 Predictions from Top Tech Industry Influencers (Summarized)

Welcome to PR Vibes™, created by Calysto Communications to provide you with key insights into the people, events and trends in the communications technology industry. Today, we have compiled the views from a variety of analysts and journalists to provide you with a few thought-provoking insights into what's likely to be hot and or not in 2014. We’ll give you a sneak peek that the top 3 (repeatedly) are:

The New Rule of Content

The PR business model is changing—a lot. That’s no secret. There are fewer industry publications, which means fewer traditional media opportunities.  But there also are a lot more content creators out there—some legit and some… well, not so legit. Bottom line—there are a lot more ways for people in the industry to learn about what’s going on, and fewer opportunities to tell your company’s story through traditional media channels.

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