A Calysto Communications Blueprint: Develop a Winning Strategic Business Framework

Strategic Business Framework Blueprint

Effectively communicating your company’s value to the market is vital to its overall success. But what are the steps you need to take to achieve that goal? What are the risks of doing it wrong?

Your company needs a Strategic Business Framework—an in-depth journey that incorporates defining your company’s unique value proposition, developing strategic positioning and establishing key messaging. A Strategic Business Framework is a call to action for your company that maps back to the business goals laid out in your Business Plan.

In “Develop a Winning Strategic Business Framework,” Calysto shows how a multi-layered approach to developing and communicating your Strategic Business Framework helps you meet these goals by:

  1. Defining Your Value Proposition: The overarching promise of a company, and its products and solutions, to its intended market(s). Its vision and mission.
  2. Developing Strategic Positioning Statements: The specific role of the company in the market, and how its products and solutions support that role. 
  3. Establishing Key Messaging: The narratives that engage audiences over time while evolving with the company’s strategic positioning. Key messages should be for customers and/or products, supported by both qualitative and quantitative proof.

Learn more about the critical role each of these steps plays in positioning your company in the market in Calysto’s free Blueprint, “Develop a Winning Strategic Business Framework.”