GDPR: What is the Role of public Relations

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is being enforced in the EU beginning May 25, 2018. While these new data privacy laws may create confusion and apprehension among companies that have customers or users in the EU, there are plenty of opportunities in GDPR for some good PR – public relations, that is.

Calysto has compiled a new handbook – GDPR: What is the Role of PR? – to help B2B technology companies navigate their opportunities as they seek to make their companies compliant with the new regulations. The handbook will help B2B companies:

  • Uncover and develop their GDPR story
  • Understand how to develop or modify a Crisis Communications Plan to account for GDPR
  • Determine the best ways to communicate their GDPR story to their internal and external audiences
  • And more!

PS: Looking for more insight on marketing, PR and GDPR? Visit Calysto’s GDPR page for additional perspective on what is being called the biggest change to data privacy laws in 20 years!

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