Annual Marketing Plan White Paper

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“One minute spent in planning saves several minutes in execution.” — Crawford H. Greenewalt, former CEO of Dupont

Truer words were never spoken—especially when it comes to marketing. That’s why an annual marketing plan is not only nice to have, it’s an absolute necessity for every company in every industry. Annual marketing plans force marketing teams to stay focused on the prize, which is, of course, helping the company reach its business goals for the year.

Through its new white paper, Calysto will walk marketing teams through the process of building an annual marketing plan. Marketers will learn:

  • The value an annual marketing plan will bring to your business—whatever industry your company is in
  • The key elements you’ll need in your annual marketing plan and the right questions to ask to get the information you need
  • The stakeholders that need to be involved
  • How to deliver it to your CEO
  • And more

Download our free white paper and get cracking on your annual marketing plan today!